I took Ben to the vet yesterday for a routine vaccination.  By the time I came out, with worming and de-fleaing stuff (no reason to think he has either worms or fleas, just precautionary) and a new harness, I’d spent the better part of £100.  H’m.  He likes the harness much better than the Halti though and it seems okay, though if he really pulled I think it wouldn’t be quite as effective.  He doesn’t normally, he’s pretty good except if he sees something and suddenly takes off, such as a dog friend of his.  It’s a bit of a nuisance to put on, but at least he doesn’t run away when I pick it up, as he does with the Halti.

While I was in the waiting room, I weighed him.  He weighs 42 kilos.  That’s nearly 93 pounds, 6 stone 9 lbs.  H’m again.  That’s quite a lot of dog.  More than four times the weight of Rupert, less than two stone lighter than I am.  And he’s not keen to get into the car, I have to lift him, half at a time.

I didn’t finish the crossword today because friends called round and we stayed in the garden for a long time chatting, but did anyone else find today’s Times crossword particularly easy?  I filled in half of it in  ten minutes flat – and since I sometimes stare helplessly for at least that long before solving the first clue,  it was unusual.  I’m not as good at cryptic crosswords as I used to be, sadly.  I don’t know if it’s my brainpower that’s diminished or if I don’t get enough practice.  Both, maybe.  H’ – oh, I’m repeating myself.

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  1. Mike and Ann

    These days I only do the Prize Crossword in Saturday’s Telegraph (which is about my level), but last Saturday’s was a stinker. They’d changed the setter again, I think. However by Sunday afternoon both I and Sheila Down-the-Road were desparate, so we exchanged clues over the ‘phone and finished it. Usually when really desparate I ‘phone senior daughter Sarah, or more usually she ‘phones me, and I can’t remember the last time we didn’t finish it.

  2. Z

    My parents used to do the Sunday crosswords together in bed, I remember, which was a very convivial way to end the weekend together. Sadly, my other half is completely hopeless at cryptic crosswords, I’m on my own there.

  3. 63mago

    42 kg … I doubt I could lift a dog of this weight into a car. After the third time latest my back would finally give in. I am very lucky that the parts of my left hand and left leg that where without sensation for a short time returned back to normal without any procedure.

  4. Z

    I can’t lift him either, I have to get his front legs in, then lift his rear end. I won’t be doing it very often.

    Did you go to the doctor about your hand and leg? Please do if it happens again, that sounds quite worrying.

  5. Irene

    I used to do the Los Angels Times crossword puzzle and was quite good at it. Nowadays, I can’t even do a simple one in Dutch. I blame advanced middle age and have no other excuse. And then I tell myself that it isn’t important.

  6. Rog

    42kg is three and a bit Lilies!!! She’s pulled me over single handedly but three would be mayhem. The special harness sounds value for money. What about one of those folding planks to walk up into the car?

  7. Z

    I’ve got a book of Latin crosswords somewhere. I doubt if I’ll even understand the clues now, and they’re in English.

    I just took them round to the back of the house into their run because I hadn’t time for a proper walk, so they just had their leads on. On their way back, two chickens ran in front of them. That tested my arm muscles, I can tell you!

    A folding plank? From the Folderol Tree?

    A dog cart? H’m. A bit like steering a hot air balloon against the wind, that.

  8. Zig

    D’you think he would get into the car unaided if you put an especially delicious treat in there? This is what I had to do with Indi and now she gets in by herself – I couldn’t lift her in and she’s only 14kg! Mind you, probably saves you going to the gym, weight-lifting 42kg all over the place 🙂

  9. Z

    I tried with some biscuits and he wasn’t interested – he didn’t even eat them once he was in the car. I could try him with a ham sandwich, perhaps!


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