There’s another thing with Blogger you see.  There doesn’t seem to be a way of making the photo at the top any smaller.  I’ve ticked the ‘shrink to *whatevs*’ box already or it would be even bigger.  This is just a picture taken on my phone but the only way I can find to make it appear smaller here (I’ve tried before doing it on the computer before adding it) is to email it to myself and sending it as a smaller file.  There’s a choice of sizes of pictures you add to the post, but headers are not so adaptable.

It’s just choice I want, and I realise that there’s a limit to what I can expect from a free service.

Anyway, what you will have realised it that we’re a two-dog family for a couple of weeks.  The first night went well, the only drawback being that my bedroom windows start at knee height because the ceiling is low.  So I couldn’t leave the window open in case Rupert jumps out.  We’d already decided he couldn’t sleep downstairs with Ben, they’d play all night and Roop might whimper for his family.  So we didn’t sleep a whole lot, but only because we were so hot – if it is as muggy tonight, I might move into the spare room where the windows are much higher.

What is it with puppies and paper?  I had a clean tissue on my lap – I’d just used it to wipe a mark from the screen and Rupert jumped up to say hello and stole it.  He and Ben are demolishing it on the carpet now.

Ben has an appointment at the vet’s for a vaccination this afternoon.  It’ll be fun getting him into the car on my own.

Pictures –

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