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Ro phoned this evening. He’d checked in here, just to see how things were going, and was quite impressed by the picture of the leg. So much so that he had no need to read anything I had written, which is fair enough. We chatted about music, films and the most recent website he’s been working on, also possible future holidays – not together though. It’s five years since I last went to India, and I’m thinking that next year would be a good time for a visit. When Wink rang last, she mentioned that she’d been to London to meet the daughter of her friend of nearly fifty years, who lives in Chennai, and she said “when are you going to visit us next?” I said to Wink, funnily enough Weeza and I had just been talking about that. Wink was thrilled. I think we have a Plan. The seed of it is germinating, at any rate.

When Ro rang, he woke me up, for which I was grateful. Falling asleep at 6 pm is not a good idea. I knew it was going to happen – I’d gone for a walk earlier, round the garden, in the hope of waking myself up but it didn’t work. I went to look at the depressingly untidy kitchen garden, which I can’t do anything about at present. The Sage didn’t put the chickens in there after all, because we didn’t get the wire sorted out – not so much to keep them in, as there are no foxes about at present, as to save them pecking things such as globe artichoke plants.

It’s noticeable, actually, what a shortage of foxes there is. I suppose that now there isn’t hunting as an incentive to allow them to live, and they are being shot or poisoned. Certainly, the rabbit population has shot up, although they must have suffered too in the snowy weather. While it was cold, the Sage put plenty of corn (wheat, that is, not maize) in the chicken’s feeder so that wild birds could help themselves too, and I daresay rabbits were glad of it.

I was checking through the seed order the other day and I’m looking forward to getting on with sowing. Not for a while yet – I used to start everything off as early as possible, but I’m more relaxed about it now. Still, when I’m able to stand and work for longer I’ll have a go. Mind you, the greenhouse needs a good clear-up first.

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  1. Sarah

    Whoah… all that planning is giving me a headache. I like thinking about things and getting excited… and then leaving the nitty gritty planning to someone else!

    The rabbits and hares stripped all my orchard trees of bark when that snw was down…should have left food out for them….grrrrr

  2. Z

    Oh indeed, Sarah – the useful thing is that both my daughter and sister excel in sorting out practicalities, so I don’t have to. Sorry to hear about the fruit trees – have they taken the bark off all round?

    I think like a man, 4D. I just take refuge in girliness when it suits me.

    An interesting point, Christopher – I don’t talk about times past in real life half as often as I do here. It’s quite true that I rarely look far ahead. I quite like to be taken a bit by surprise.

  3. Z

    I’m not a hunting woman myself, Simon. It’s not an argument I’ve ever engaged in, one way or the other. It was an observation with no underlying opinion.

  4. mago

    Seeds. I am fascinated by plants and gardening. Probably because I have nice memories of gardens of my childhood. And because I have not worked in a garden or on land for many years. I am absolutely impractical too.

  5. luckyzmom

    I was just having a conversation about having a place to plant Savoy spinach, bush beans and raspberries. These are what I miss the most about not having a large yard anymore. Oh, and I think an Italian prune and a sour cherry tree would be on my list too. We planted a maple tree instead. In any case, I still enjoy looking through the few seed caatalogs we still receive in the mail.


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