Z is green and black and fat all over

T’internet reception, always pretty poor in Norfolk, has been abysmal here for the past couple of weeks. It takes several goes just to read emails, because loading is usually timed out repeatedly. Blogspot, for instance, hasn’t loaded yet as I write, after several minutes waiting – I’m writing this offline and will paste it in.

Today, I’ve mostly eaten chocolate. Oh dear. I did walk all the way down the drive and back, and did some housework that didn’t involve things I’m not supposed to do, but I hardly think it will have made up for it. And I made more soup, using oddments of vegetables that I suspected the Sage wouldn’t get around to serving, and the rest of the tomato juice that I feel no obligation to drink now that I’m on good red wine again. Still the one glass per night, but I look forward to getting slightly wasted in a few weeks’ time. When I celebrate being able to take off my own socks of a night, perhaps. I wonder what the Sage will celebrate most when I’m back to my normal behaviour.

I said *my* normal behaviour, before anyone says anything sarcastic.

14 comments on “Z is green and black and fat all over

  1. Completely Alienne

    Well, if you can’t eat Green & Blacks while recuperating from surgery, when can you? Enjoy it while you are get out and about much and, once you have healed fully, you can go jogging to shift any extra weight!!

  2. Z

    Dilly and Al gave me a box of mini bars of different flavours. This week, I’ve been eating one a day, until yesterday when I threw caution to the winds and ate two. At 15g each, that means that I ate more than an ounce of chocolate. Woe me.
    I like chocolate dark and bitter. It suits my personality.

    Now that you’re back, Dave, all will be charm and polite affection.

    I can’t judge normal. The Sage is my yardstick, which rather skews everything.

  3. Z

    Sitting on the sofa cuddling my dog, lying in bed cuddling my husband. And cooking his dinner.

    You paint an attractive picture, 4D.

  4. Christopher

    ‘…when I celebrate being able to take off my own socks…’

    Any excuse, eh? Can’t say I’ve ever heard this one before.

    (But I’m wondering whose socks you’ve been wearing hitherto?)

  5. sablonneuse

    So pleased to hear you are making great progress and you’re very brave to publish the photo. It must feel so much better now the dressing is no longer necessary.
    Enjoy the chocolate!

  6. Z

    In the sense that I can remove socks from other people, Christopher.

    I had another mini-bar of chocolate today, Sandy. But I’ve resisted a second.


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