Z is treated as a Child and thinks of sunburnt mirth

And a very small child, at that. Even Squiffany, who is not yet five, is allowed to go across the drive between her house and ours unescorted. As the Sage was to be out this evening, he arranged with Dilly and Al that I should eat with them, and he relayed the message that I was not to go alone, but that Al would come and fetch me. In the event, a cautious Sage took me himself, as he had to go out before Al arrived. It transpired that he had, himself, asked Al to fetch me. “As if I’d let you walk here on your own,” chortled Al.

It’s not frosty any more, I should mention. Wet, but not frosty. And I can’t remember the last time I fell over. Even when I walked funny.

Al escorted me home again afterwards, too.

Then I went and, using my favourite corkscrew (it is splendid, I must show it to you some time) opened the bottle of Proven├žal wine I’d left in the kitchen, put on the kettle, made a pot of coffee, poured a glass of wine, put all on a tray and carried it through, fetched a miniature bar of Green & Black’s dark chocolate with cherry and sat down to watch an episode of Deadwood, which I can’t watch in front of the Sage as he’d hate it, and with purple-stained mouth, enjoyed the rest of my solitary evening.

I’ve had enough of being alone now though. I hope he isn’t much longer.

9 comments on “Z is treated as a Child and thinks of sunburnt mirth

  1. Four Dinners

    Being alone ain’t so bad if you’re getting escorted at other times!!!!

    Caz reckons I’d make a great escort…but perhaps we shouldn’t go there…;-)

    You be careful babe. Just get well ok? x

  2. Z

    Well remembered, BW, I’m impressed! The door is still there but has a piece of furniture over it, as the room is used as Dilly ‘s office.

    Yes, it was lovely. Good thing I left the bottle in the kitchen or I’d have been tempted to a second glass.

  3. Christopher

    Impressive sense of colour, Z: Sage green, black, chocolate, purple, cherry. Or is this your scars, etc?

    We have a left-handed corkscrew. You aren’t left-handed, are you?

  4. Eddie 2-Sox

    It was when you fainted in the High Street dear.

    Not only are you falling down in public, but you can’t remember it afterwards. Your claims of abstinence ring rather hollow.

  5. Z

    I do appreciate a gentleman escort, true, Mago.

    No, I’m as right as one can be – right footed, handed and eyed. The corkscrew is an old one and belonged to my father.

    I think the surgeon did that, Rog. I’ve been thoroughly pruned.

    Fainting isn’t the same as falling over. I meant through clumsiness. And even then it was only the last bit that I collapsed – I was carefully sitting down until I went too far forward and hit my head on the wall. And then on the pavement. But well remembered too, darling, lovely to know how much you care.


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