Z Pigs Out

I could give you a rant but I’ve decided against it; at least for tonight. Because I is cheery again and not in that sort of mood.

Tonight’s party (I’ll soon have to stop saying I don’t have a social life at this rate) was the annual Cider Club doo. Most jolly as always and a good meeting-place for friends I used to see regularly, in the days when we really did get out more. There is lots of cider, much of it slightly dodgy and I confess I quietly added a little lemonade to take away the acidity, in the hope of not having a sore head in the morning. A whole pig is roasted, which takes all day, loads of salads and a vegetable and rice concoction is cooked in a massive pan over an open fire. Dilly wants a pan just like it. I don’t know why, but nevertheless I think it’s a splendid idea. Enough rice was cooked in it for at least 150 people. Adèle says that you can buy them pretty cheaply in hardware shops in France.

We all went and the children lasted, sleepily by the end, until 10 o’clock when their parents took them home. I saw Ro deep in conversation with a bloke and later asked him about his friend – turned out he works for a large Norwich company and they might be able to direct some work in the direction of Ro’s firm. Useful, if not strictly social…

Alice had cycled up from Peckham for the weekend. Lovely girl, but evidently barking. Mind you, her brother is the chap who does triathlons (can’t remember if I wrote about that here or in the Other Place) and has ambitions to work up to an Ironman. Apparently, that involves a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a marathon run. Alice’s mother asked if I enjoy my cycling. I said truthfully that I don’t. It’s a way of getting about and it’s good for me, what’s to like? It’s not that I hate it, or not very often, but it’s not exactly tennis or something amusing like that, is it? Indeed, I added, if I really want to have a good time outdoors I’ll put my feet up in a sun lounger and read. She was quite shocked, for she loves things energetic, and suggested that there was surely something energetic I actually enjoyed. I agreed. There is. I’m sure you can guess what it is. But at my advanced age, it normally happens indoors and certainly between two consenting adults.

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  1. Z

    Stripping and scrabbling, you’ve got it.

    Don’t give in and start to enjoy the cycling, Manic. I look on you as an ally.


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