Going for rather more than a song

The catalogue for our next sale is up here. Some rare items, several of which the Sage had previously sold to the late owner. If you happen to be a member of the Ant1ques C0llect0rs Club, there is a half-page advertisement near the back of the September edition of the magazine and we’ll have ads in the Ant1ques Trade Gazette and the EDP and EADT due course (if you are East Angularians you’ll know what papers they are and if you’re not you won’t see them anyway). We don’t usually advertise that much, as it’s more effective to have a large mailing list and send out catalogues, but this is an exceptional sale.

Oh, and the other news is that it’s Al and Dilly’s fourth wedding anniversary today.

Happy day, darlings!

8 comments on “Going for rather more than a song

  1. PI

    There are some lovely pieces.
    Congrats to Al and Dilly. I’ve got and Al- in fact two in the family : Big Al and Little Al. Both are 6′ but different generations.

  2. martina

    Belated happy anniversary Al and Dilly.
    I want to know, who gets the task of washing/cleaning the Lowestoft before photographing the items? That would be a scary chore. #44-the buttertub is gorgeous!

  3. Z

    We wouldn’t wash them – they don’t belong to us and it’s up to the owners. If there were a dirty streak and it would make the piece look unattractive, I’d wipe it with a damp cloth. Dirt inside teapots etc is good. Don’t wash the inside of your antiques.

  4. petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway?

    Oh my God, if I would have been a director I would have said, I found my “Z!” *laughing* You don’t know what the hey I’m talking about do you? I am screenwriter, and one of my blogs includes a script each week in which there are polls of actors to choose from for that role. This week’s is, you’ve got to know by now. “Z is for Zorro?” in which there is a female Z who proclaims to be the real Zorro. You’ve got to stop by at Whose Role…This is
    too much of a coincidence!


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