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It got worse, I’m afraid – actually, I hate crying because it solves nothing and just gives me a headache.  Though that didn’t happen last night, I suddenly felt very ill at about 8 o’clock and went to bed, having been sick.  Not through illness, just anxiety.  It’s all far too confidential to tell you about, I’m afraid, and it’s not what is going to happen, but that it’s done without upsetting anyone.  But there’s been another exchange of emails today, and it’ll be ok.  Except there will be several difficult meetings in the next week, but they weren’t the problem.  Bring it on, darlings.  *sigh*

Anyway, enough of that, I am particularly pleased to have got the porch looking nice again.  And I’m planning to have a new kitchen floor, being wildly jealous of Weeza’s nice wooden one. Tiles are a bit sensible for me, besides they’re hard on the poor old feet when you have to stand for long.  Even a wooden floor is gentler to stand on if there’s a rug, it’s surprising the difference it makes.

I like being impractical, which is why I have wallpaper in the kitchen, bathroom and cloakroom and no other room – though the bathroom badly needs redecorating.  Not that it’s done badly at all, I last did it more than 15 years ago.  I like wallpapering, it needs great care to get exactly right, especially in our house with uneven walls and floors.  I’ve always done our painting and decorating, Russell isn’t particularly good at it.

4 comments on “Z picks up

  1. Mike Horner

    We used to be rather a good team at paper hanging. Nowadays though, and given the fact that we, too, live in a very old house, almost invariably paint; or rather, this last few years, get a professional to do the job

  2. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! I’m intrigued, but the best part of me is simply glad that it’s going to be okay. Thinking of you, Indigo x


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