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It is indeed all right, emails were exchanged last night and a meeting arranged, which started with a hug – well, it ended with one too – and we are all sorted out.

And I’m still on a cooking thing, it’s getting quite disconcerting.  Today, I made apple and chilli jelly.  I’ve just realised that the preserving pan is still in the sink, filled with soapy water but unwashed.  I’m afraid that’s where it’ll stay, it’s too late to do anything about it now.  Well, it isn’t ‘too late’ but I’m going straight to bed when I’ve finished here.

My suggestion of a governors’ party has gone down very well and we’re looking for the date now.  There’s no evening in December when everyone can make it, unfortunately, but we’ve come down to four possibles where most of us can.  There’s already talk of another one in the summer too – I’ll be very happy if that’s the case, as you know I love a houseful of people.

As you might imagine, I’ve been playing a lot of Britten over the past few days, with it being the hundredth anniversary of his birth.  But here is a recording of him playing, not his own music but some of Schubert’s.  His partner in the duet is Sviatoslav Richter.  My good friend Alan gave me the CD some years ago, I’m very fond of it.

3 comments on “Z the party planner

  1. mig

    Oh I had a record of Richter playing something which I listened to for hours when I was a teenager – blowed if I can remember what it was though.
    I’m so glad your problem has been sorted out with hugs. And a party too. Must be Christmas …. Oh, yes, so it is.

  2. Z Post author

    I love having a houseful of people, John, it’s such fun.

    Oh dear, so it is, Mig – I’ll leave it until the last minute as usual, I daresay. At least having a party on the 14th might prompt me to put up the tree, usually it doesn’t happen until Christmas Eve. But this is a retirement party, the time of year is incidental. I may be popping down to see my sister early next month, might be able to pop by and say hello if you’re about?


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