Z may be better saying nothing at all

And the downside is hitting me today, with the result that I can’t write in much of a positive vein.  There were positives – several in fact, Dilly and the children called in, which was a delight; the last of the logs from the fallen oak bough have been stacked;  I turned out the porch again and also did some cooking – but it’s all overriden by another matter which is governor-related and confidential.  I’m leaving it altogether until tomorrow, because my rule is that Friday evening until Sunday late afternoon is a time we all deserve to have off.

All the same, I felt down enough that I sat on the kitchen floor and howled.  Ben did his best, he came and comforted me and generally did the best that a loyal dog can do – it’s not his fault that he’s not Huckleberry or Chester or even Tilly – he’ll get there.  So will I.

4 comments on “Z may be better saying nothing at all

  1. kipper

    So sorry you are having that stress. Sometimes letting your emotions out and crying while hugging a dog can be far more comforting than being consoled by another human. At least that is what has happened here.

  2. Z Post author

    Britten, the last couple of days, of course. And a very early night. Bracing myself for a letter I have to write later, which will only help matters if the recipient takes it as helpfully as I mean it to be.


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