Z gets going

Oh, the week isn’t diminishing in terms of responsibility.  I’m now at the stage of writing supportive letters.  If I need a supportive letter myself, I’ll let you know.  I’m ok at the moment. Supportive letters aren’t any use unless they’re followed by doing what’s most helpful though, so I think the next few weeks are going to be busy as well.  It’ll be fine…

Fortunately, Ben’s training hasn’t been wrecked by yesterday’s events, he was very good again today.  Although, when I called him to come in, he was carrying something in his mouth.  I assumed that it was the missing mother hen, but when he dropped it and came to me I took him back to the house and then went to the field to investigate – it was the very old remains of a rabbit, some hair and bones with a mummified leg, not very pleasant, but not hard to deal with (gingerly picked up and dropped in the dustbin, hands washed and sanitised afterwards).

All in all, lots of boxes ticked but not an easy week.  There’s going to be a lot to do before the end of term.  However, it’s not bad news at all – for one thing, I seem to have volunteered to host a party, woo hoo, and for another, I’m still sleeping marvellously.  And, as I said, I have a Good Dog.

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