Z picks up bits of backbone and pieces them together

One of the bantams is missing.  I’m not sure which (there are too many similar ones to be sure of knowing each) but I suspect it’s the mostly white one that I removed from a clutch of eggs  in the long grass outside the hen run the other day.  The next day I didn’t let them out and had twelve eggs, the day after I did let them go and found none – though I had taken the opportunity to clear out the run thoroughly, dust for mites and put in fresh bedding.  It probably put them off and they all laid away. On Friday, they had a day out again, I did have eight eggs in the nest boxes but only twenty-five chickens, including the cock, returned.  Two came back later, but the last one is still out.  So I suspect that several laid their eggs in the same place and she is sitting on them.  There might be some chicks this year after all.

I’m not particularly cheered at the thought, as I’d rather not build up their numbers any more – the Sage has never been able to resist having a clutch or two of baby chicks every year, but I’m having to give away eggs by the dozen already – but the new Rector did mention to me that he and his family had kept bantams before, so maybe they might like some young ones.  Of course, there’s the problem of small children naming their pets and then some of them possibly turning out to be cocks, so it would have to be handled carefully.

Today, I’m hitting a wall – in a mental block way, that is.  I’ve got so much paperwork to do and deadlines are looming, but I’m not sure that I’m capable of any of it at present.  Some things are quite easy – a letter to be written and emailed, along with a document I’ve already scanned in to the computer, two more that simply have to be signed and posted – others are much more complicated or time consuming, but that’s not it.  I just don’t want to do it today.  Yet I must.

Yes, I must.  Whinging about it has sorted me out.  JFDI, hey – or, as one of my Facebook friends (whom I haven’t met, as it happens, he’s a friend of a friend) says, ‘Up and Atom.’

3 comments on “Z picks up bits of backbone and pieces them together

  1. Z Post author

    I don’t know if he knows….but I like it.

    Friend of you, I should have said, John! A few of us will have to get together next time I’m your way!


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