All present and correct

Well, I was wrong about the bantam being broody.  I let them out this morning, but later Bex texted to say that the fox was sunbathing outside the annexe kitchen window, so I went to chivvy them all in again – and in they all went, 29 of them.  But there were only five eggs this evening, so there’s certainly at least one nest somewhere.  I don’t know the way round this, they love an outing but when I find their eggs and don’t know how old they are, I can’t give them away.

What a lovely day it was, after a foggy start.  So hot and sunny.  Friend Mike came for lunch and I made a casserole, but it turned out to be a bit unseasonal.  It was a sociable day in fact, as another friend called in for coffee during the morning.  I showed him the tortoises – indeed, what can I say?  I’m turning into Groby Lington.  And if you don’t know Saki by heart, I can only sympathise.

4 comments on “All present and correct

  1. Z Post author

    babies float surprisingly well too. But the system is not infallible with eggs. Care is needed with fertilised eggs…

    I have read Saki’s short stories regularly since I was a child. And I’m drinking tea rather than sake now, it’s a bit late…

  2. sablonneuse

    oh bantams, eh! My little Briony has only recently had enough of her chicks (hatched beginning of July) and I found her collecting eggs again under the sage bush in the greenhouse. She hasn’t been over the fence where the cocks are so we had omelettes last night.

    The big girls aren’t leaving many eggs in the nestboxes so I bet they are hiding them somewhere as well.

    Had to Google Groby Lington so you’ve added to my education. I’m trying to imagine you as a mixture of dog, hens and tortoises . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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