Z phones Dave. Then, Z phones Dave.

It’s true, darlings.  So good I phoned him twice.

It happened like this… I’d been out all day and, when I arrived home, the Sage came to the door looking nervous.  “The EDP rang” he said, nervously.  “They want to photograph me with the mug, tomorrow morning.”  The Sage is not so averse to free publicity, so I didn’t get why he was nervous.  I said encouraging things, and then he mentioned putting Dave off – of course, I was very nice about it.  Let’s face it, I always am.  Aren’t I?


Anyway, I suggested that we might rearrange for the afternoon and so phoned Dave to ask him.  Dave, being a sweetly good-natured and accommodating sort of chap, agreed at once, mentioning also that showers are predicted for the morning.

A few minutes after putting the phone down, it rang again.  The girl from the EDP said that the photographer couldn’t make it in the morning after all, how about 1.30?  But they could come here rather than meet in Lowestoft.  The Sage agreed and I phoned Dave back.  Honestly a most patient and adaptable fellow he is, he agreed again to come in the morning after all.

We’ve had several other publicity requests, all this is a bit odd.  We’ve always been very low-key.  I have to keep checking the business emails and sending off more photos, one from 2002 when we had a startlingly good sale, which I had forgotten was quite so impressive.

Right, I must go to bed.  I have to be up early in the morning to go and buy Dave’s lunch.

6 comments on “Z phones Dave. Then, Z phones Dave.

  1. Z

    We had vegetables and eggs for dinner last night, Dave. I have run out of food.

    I’ll certainly serve you steak and chips if you like, however. I thought you were supposed to avoid red meat, though.

  2. Dave

    The dietician said the odd bit of red meat wouldn’t do any harm. That seems, in my case, to be a steak once a quarter.

    However, I was joking. Sausages will be more than adequate.

  3. Z

    Sorry AQ – I haven’t written about it specifically though I have mentioned it and directed people to our website. However, in view of the Sage’s press appearance, I’ll put up a picture of it.

    Hello Rosie *ponders connection to Uggeshall*. I did buy a car once from a woman who lived there; it was very cheap as she used the tractor in the yard as a mark of where she had to turn – when she hit it, she knew she’d gone far enough to make it through the gate without hitting it. Usually.


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