Z packs her bags

I’ve finally done the work that was the reason for me bringing the computer.  I should have gone home today, but Al can look after Hay tomorrow so, having consulted R and Wink, I’m staying an extra night.  The big bonus is that I can call on Mig on the way home – Zig is away and Tim is busy and I knew that Mig would have family things on today, but she’s free tomorrow so I’ll turn up looking thirsty around coffee time.


2 comments on “Z packs her bags

  1. tim

    Glad Wink seems to be recovering well. I used your wise words about not being “ill” after a curative operation, to good effect. I am busy, certainly, but very positively.

  2. Z Post author

    Splendid, Tim – yes, it’s worth an operation to put things right. Although I dreaded mine to begin with, I built myself to excitement in the last week or so, in the confidence that it would make me well again. It sounds obvious, even trite, but mental attitude counts for so much.


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