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You know this, of course, if you’ve met her (and she’s been to each of the three blog parties so far), but Mig is lovely and great company, and I finally left after three hours.  She had to give me lunch!  She will be back to blogging, but gives her love and apologies at this time, she really can’t do it at present.  We agreed that, whatever the plus points of Facebook et al, blogging is the best, even if it’s rather in the doldrums at present.

Those of you whom I’ve met (including Mig herself) – it would not have happened via Twitter or any of the other *social media* and I wouldn’t have felt that I knew you and wanted to meet you.  Several blog friends have only met me once, though there’s never been any blogger I’ve met whom I haven’t liked, I’ve always told my husband and family when I was meeting everyone because I’m an open, cautious and sensible Z and I’ve appreciated the good nature and support of my family in this hobby.

I’ve come home to a lot of work – I did some while I was away but I wasn’t capable of it all, I’m quite near my limit at present and sometimes have to switch off and step away.  I’m ready for retirement, darlings, this is no fun any more and I’ve done it for so long, more than 25 years.

Tomorrow evening, our new Rector officially starts his job.  I’ve just had a phone call to ask (if the Archdeacon agrees) whether I’m willing to stand in as standard-bearer during the induction.  I don’t mind, of course, just as long as I don’t have to be a churchwarden again.  I’ve done that.  When I finish at the school, I’m taking a break.  Quite possibly, I won’t do voluntary work that carries any responsibility again.  I’ve given a lot over the years, I don’t owe anything.

Several of my dear friends are having their fortieth birthdays this year – some of my family, too.  It’s such a milestone – yet not a millstone, in any sense.  Jo’s birthday is tomorrow – not that she reads this blog, though she knows that I do blog.  Happy fortieth birthday, Jo.

Yes, she’s an April Fish.  But we won’t tease…


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