Having a lovely time…

Ooh yes, if you were here too, it would be brilliant!  What fun!

Wink has been working mornings and happy to do so, though she’s actually still signed off for another week at least.  Still, she loves her job, her boss and colleagues are great, she was keen to get back as soon as possible.  However, she was very tired by the end of the week and I’m tired too and we’ve been taking it easy.  We went to the village pub, or one of them, for supper last night, we had a relaxed morning and then went to Salisbury today, we called on friends for tea and then had a rather boozy evening.  And yet I am still typing accurately, so it can’t be that boozy.

I have been able to buy a mouse, though it was a little less simple than I’d expected.  They didn’t have them in the sizeable supermarket, so I enquired in Shaftesbury.  I was told there was a computer shop – but it had closed down.  There was a computer repair place though, so I went in and asked, without much optimism.  They didn’t have a new mouse, but they could let me have a secondhand one for a few pounds?  Perfect.  £3 for a decent Logitech mouse, everyone’s happy.

I’ve also bought Wink’s birthday present and Al’s birthday present, and had already bought part of Weeza’s birthday present.  The weight of responsibility is receding.  Those three family birthdays in April, but none in May (only our wedding anniversary, and we don’t do anything for that), R’s birthday in June – yes, it all starts to heat up from then on.  Still, time enough for that.  Everyone’s coming over next Saturday for tea, so I’m working towards that.

I’ve just been on the phone to R and all’s well at home.  He’s going over to Weeza tomorrow, to see what the builders are doing – which, at the moment, is removing the landing.  Three bedrooms are still intact, but the rest is a network of joists with nothing in between.  I’d be terribly tempted to play, balancing and swinging, so it’s just as well I’m not there.

Oh darlings, I must tell you – poor Bod has had a bad accident.  He’s Wink’s friend, a lovely man who largely dedicates his life to looking after his 90-something-year-old mum, who’s chairbound.  He had a rare week away, in Oxford, and had a nasty fall and has broken his hip.  At present, he’s in hospital in Oxford but should be home on Monday.  Fortunately, his brother, who’s looking after mum at present, can stay on, but they’ve got to think of what to do over the next couple of months, because it will take at least that long for him to recover enough to care for her as usual.

Tomorrow – well, I don’t quite know.  It’s been a lovely sunny day and if it’s the same again, we might just go somewhere nice and enjoy it.  It’s a little holiday, after all.

2 comments on “Having a lovely time…

  1. Blue Witch

    Glad to hear Wink is progressing well and that you’re having a good time.

    Concerned that she is working while signed off – if something happens to her, her employer’s insurance won’t cover her. The H&S people will also crucify them… Please ask her to get a fit note from her doctor that says she is able to work part-time, for everyone’s sake.

    I only know because the son of one of my Nice Ladies who ran an electrical business lost the business after his admin lady fell when she was back at work while still signed off after a knee replacement. He had to pay so much in compensation and legal fees that he ended up bankrupt and lost his house and business.

  2. Z Post author

    You are thoughtful, BW – and sensible – thank you, Wink did talk to her doctor at the time and she was cleared to do what she felt like doing. Her lovely boss is very appreciative, and also realises that she probably won’t be able to manage full time, even after six weeks.

    I haven’t been reading blogs for a few days so don’t know if you’ve been writing, but I’ve been intending to ask if all’s ok, since you’ve been quiet recently. Nothing wrong with a blogging break of course, mind you.


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