z opened one eye at a time

Rupert the spaniel arrived at 8 o’clock this morning to spend the day with me.  I had woken half an hour earlier, remarkably enough, so had time to consider the need to get up.  If I’d been able to avoid it, I probably would have. But meetings started at 8.30, unfortunately.

I had time to feed the chickens or myself, so chose the chooks, of course. Just as well I did, they had run out of water completely, both drinkers. I had a drink of water myself before going out, I wasn’t hungover but I felt my age a bit.  There are interviews at school tomorrow, I’m going in early to meet the candidates but I’m not able to stay for the interviews.  I’m not too sorry about that, it’ll be two tiring days. Simon, who’s going to take over from me as chairman, will be there and so will the other vice-chairman.

I’m starting to think about food for the blog party. I do like planning food.  And cooking and eating it, obvs.  I can mull for a while longer though, there’s still ten weeks to go.

Have I mentioned I’m going to London on Friday?  I haven’t been for ages, I’m looking forward to it. I’m meeting a blog friend and we’re going to the National Gallery.

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