Z eats fish and chips

I went into school early to meet the eight interviewees for the post.  I had a chance to chat to all of them for a few minutes.  I noted a few of them in particular, it’ll be interesting to find which one of them gets the job and whether it was one of those – though first impressions aren’t always the ones that count finally.

I felt a bit odd later, as if jetlagged – I suppose it’s that I’ve been busy on such a range of different things in the last few days.  I went to the supermarket, largely because I wanted to shop enough to get a money-off voucher for filling up the car.  Then I talked to my gardener about what needed doing, fed the tortoises and chickens, cleaned the kitchen, went to the cashpoint, drove to Beccles, shopped for presents for grandchildren. picked up friends, drove to Norwich, had lunch, drove them back, went to pick up my boots from the cobbler, did more shopping for more presents and drove home, stopping at the churchyard to take flowers to Russell’s grave, then fed chickens and tortoises again.  I felt confused, yet it was a quite ordinary day.  Maybe it was because it was so unexpectedly cold.

This evening, I took the presents over to Al & co’s house.  It’s Squiffany’s tenth birthday tomorrow but I’d wrapped presents for the other two as well, just small things.  I was invited to stay, they have fish and chips on a Thursday, picked up on the way home from Pugsley’s Cubs meeting.  They said I should have let them know I was going to the station in the morning, I could have stayed over – and I should really, I’d be leaving the house about the time they do.  Never mind.  It’ll be an early start, I’m catching the 8.17 train.  I suppose it was cheaper than the next one, it’s earlier than I need.  But no matter.  I’ll catch a bus to Trafalgar Square and wander around a bit until it’s time to meet Eddie Two-Sox.

I’ve made up for my disgraceful behaviour in drinking a bottle of wine in an evening by having two dry days. How sensible.  Hmm.

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  1. sablonneuse

    Hope you have a great day in London with maybe a glass or two of wine with lunch. You can’t carry on having dry days!


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