Z needs to start making lists…

Things are so busy and I’m so tired by the evenings that I’m finding it hard to write anything. let along blog.  I’m going to bed in a few minutes, and I really feel that this is giving in to events and completely unacceptable.

Anyway, to start with some excellent news – Zerlina and Gus have been very nervous of dogs for quite some time.  It wasn’t helped by Ben being so very large and exuberant – but he’s growing up now and he does seem to understand that he has to be very calm around them, and they are both brave children who like dogs, even if they are afraid of them, so they’ve made valiant efforts.  Today, there’s been a massive breakthrough.  They were pretty good yesterday, but today there have been hugs and expressions of love and Ben has behaved impeccably and not got over-excited.  It’s been easier with Rupert, who is much smaller – care is still needed, but we’re basically fine.

As Tim surmised, yes – I washed the Sage’s trousers and only found the notes in the back pocket afterwards.  Now, if they’d been fivers, I’d not have worried, but you know they use that pen in shops on £20 and £50 notes, and hate having to take the latter anyway – in a small town, anyway … it was £210 in a £50 and the rest in £20s.  So I felt I had to take them to the bank.  And so, of course, it was really busy – only three people ahead of me with two tellers, but they all took ages.

In fact, there were four, but one was a husband and wife and she was decidedly odd.  I’m not sure whether it was cerebral palsy or early-onset dementia, but she was peculiar and very rude to her good-humoured and long-suffering husband.  She wanted to sit down and let him deal with it all, but he explained that she would, at the least, have to give clearance for him to do so and she reluctantly and snappily went to the desk.  I can’t remember what was required, but she’d forgotten her PIN – having only changed it the day before – security had been mildly compromised, so she pointed out self-righteously that she had done the wisest thing – but she had no idea what she’d changed it to.  The other teller was able to confirm her identity and she was allowed to access the info (and told she’d be sent another PIN) – and then she loudly sent her husband to the other side of the room while she dealt with the matter in hand, which seemed odd when she had wanted him to explain the whole matter, which he clearly knew all about- anyway, he was very patient and she was quite rude.

Anyway, in due course I went and produced my notes and explained and was duly laughed at by everyone there.  It was fair enough.  And the money has been put into my account – I have told the Sage, but he can’t remember why he’d had that money in his back pocket anyway – I’d already removed his wallet where he usually keeps notes.

Further good news is that we’ve had a couple more torrential downpours, but the roof has been secure and there has been no sign of a leak.

7 comments on “Z needs to start making lists…

  1. Mike Horner

    Having had half our roof replaced earlier in the year, we too have been very relieved every time we’ve had heavy rain in the last week or so to find all is dry within!
    A few years ago I managed to leave a pen in my shirt pocket before putting it out for the wash, which turned all the ‘whites’ in the wash an unattractive mottled grey. I had to buy four or five new white shirts. Have checked pockets carefully since then.

  2. Rog

    They say you should never totally trust children and dogs together but it’s nice when you can relax a bit in their presence. Holly has just had 10 days of grandchildren and she absolutely loved playing with the two year old in the garden – lovely to see.
    Don’t feel guilty about going to bed early – hopefully you are sleeping a lot better now.

  3. Z Post author

    I’ve thrown out several shirts of Russell’s recently, as he will keep pens in his top pocket and isn’t at all bothered whether they have lids or are retractable and the ink never washes out. He avoids white shirts as far as possible, though I like him in a white shirt.

    We’ve always been lucky enough to have dogs who are totally trustworthy with children. I’m always careful, but in fact it’s not necessary to worry – you can take food from Ben’s mouth without him complaining, he’s the least aggressive dog you can find and he adores children too. No, sleeping no better, I’m afraid. But listening to some good radio.

  4. sablonneuse

    I agree with Rog, it’s tricky getting children and dogs together. If little ones become overconfident they might approach a strange dog who could snap.
    I’ve noticed that when little ones want to stroke Kica their mothers will ask if she is “gentille”. Older children usually ask permission for themselves.

  5. Z Post author

    Zerlina used to be very confident with dogs, to the extent that you had to watch out for just that reason, but she hadn’t had contact with dogs since Tilly died and rather lost her nerve, probably because her little brother was inexplicably afraid. Yes, it’s wise to ask – Ben and Rupert are both excellent with children and I’ve never actually had a dog that was anything but completely trustworthy. You could stick pins in Ben’s eyes and he wouldn’t snap.


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