Phil gets plastered

I didn’t get home until 1.30 this morning and blogging wasn’t really on at that time …

Weeza phoned at 6 o’clock yesterday evening to say that Phil had had a cycling accident “but he’s all right,” she added hastily.  She was heading off to Gallstone Hospital to fetch him shortly – I offered to go and stay with the children, but she wanted to leave before i could arrive, as they’re an hour’s drive away.  I offered to meet her on the way or to pick him up myself but, in the end, we agreed that she’d see how he was and phone again.  An hour or so later, she rang –  the upshot was, I drove over to be with the children so that she could stay with Phil.  When it transpired that he would need to be put into plaster, I said I’d take them home and put them to bed.

Phil was cycling home from work and was approaching a crossing – I’m not sure whether it was a junction or a pelican crossing, but he was approaching a green light.  An old man on a mobility scooter was heading for the red light to his left – and he didn’t stop.  “Stop!” shouted Phil, but he didn’t and kept heading for the middle of the road.  Phil had nowhere to go, he braked and swerved but he’d been travelling at over 20 miles an hour and there was no possibility of stopping.  He avoided the man himself but hit the front of the mobility scooter and went over his handlebars, landing on his back and left shoulder and putting his right hand out.

He’s torn ligaments in his left shoulder, which is in a sling and he has instructions to rest it.  His middle right finger was badly dislocated and the corresponding bone in his hand is broken.  The right hand is in plaster except for the index finger and the thumb.

They got back about midnight and we drank coffee and chatted before I headed home.  I slept pretty well for about 5 hours, headed for school to see how the A Level results went (well, thank you) and then came home to phone Phil and see how he was this morning and to get ready for Roses to come for lunch.

So if yesterday was alarming, today was lovely.  But I’m going to have an early night, because it’s been a long couple of days.

I haven’t told you about my money laundering escapades, have I?

10 comments on “Phil gets plastered

  1. tim

    … and they go on about reckless cyclists! Those mobility scooterists are a menace.
    Trust Phil’s bearing up.
    I remember once leaving a ten bob note in my jeans pocket – is it something like that?

  2. kipper

    Phil’s adventure sounds scary, glad he is back home and on the mend. The last sentence is a cliffhanger! There is an older man in my neighborhood who uses a mobility scooter like it is a Harley. The other day he was going at full speed and not looking when he came to an intersection.

  3. Roses

    Thank you for a thoroughly lovely day!

    Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery for Phil…thank you for not posting pictures of his injuries.

    I’m utterly squeamish.


  4. Liz

    Poor Phil! Do pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    I understand that there are places that offer training on how to ride a mobility scooter safely, but I think they are few and far between. I don’t suppose Phil got any kind of apology from this elderly Evil Kenevil?

  5. sablonneuse

    Poor Phil. Do hope he recovers soon. It makes you wonder if they need to introduce driving tests (not to mention compulsory insurance!) for mobility scooter users. Presumably the old men escaped unscathed.

    I hope Tim’s guess is correct. Notes seem to be able to withstand a spell in the washing machine don’t they?


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