Dog Latin

‘Cave canem!” I exclaimed.  “Carpe panem!”

You can tell it was a while since I took Latin A Level.  But it seemed to fit the occasion.  Sadness when a chicken comes to the end of her natural life retreats into its proper place when you hear of the despairing death of a much-admired man.

But I rarely mention current affairs, so I shall explain myself instead.

I have two Ladies What Do for a couple of hours, once a month.  Mostly, I do my own housework (or say ‘pfft’ and don’t bother).  But today was the day, and they arrived just as I was making Russell’s lunch, which was a salmon pâté sandwich and the rest of yesterday’s minestrone soup.  I went upstairs to find the sheets for them to change the beds.  I was a few minutes, chatting (and explaining why there were about fifteen pairs of shoes all over the place) and I came back downstairs and heated up the soup, thinking that I’d already taken the sandwich through……..what was that plate doing there, then?

Yes, bloody Ben had reached up to the kitchen counter and pinched them.  And, though I had more salmon, I didn’t have any more bread and had to go out to the bakery.

The Sage hoped for a second helping of soup – this was a bit less easy.  He’d had it all, except for the vegetables (he has thoroughly taken against vegetables recently and, since he is being indulged to the nth degree, that’s fine with me) so I’d put them into a bowl for myself.  But I did have the casserole I’d made of the lamb chops we didn’t have yesterday.  So I took the gravy and veg from that, reheated them with the veg I’d been going to eat myself (with a sneaky half cup of water, because it was all very flavoursome and could take it) and was able to produce another bowl of broth for him as well as the replacement sandwiches.  I asked him not, on any account, to save any scraps for Ben.

The weather has changed and won’t go back to the heat of summer and Edweena has already started to burrow into the earth at night.  Last year, she took us by surprise by stopping eating much earlier than we expected, so I have to get going with an indoor enclosure for her soon.  I’ve talked it through with the Sage and we hope to have it done by the end of next week (it’s not that I think it’ll take ten days’ work, but that we’re always fairly busy, even though it’s meant to be my month off.  Once it’s done, we can start by bringing the tortoises in at night and then keep them indoors when the weather is wet or cold, until it’s chilly enough to have them indoors all the time.  I hope to keep Edweena feeding until November and asleep from December to April.  I’ll let the tots hibernate for a month at most – I’m quite nervous about that, but a few weeks should be fine.  I’m seriously contemplating buying a small fridge especially for the purpose (though I can use it for drinks in the summer) so that I can keep them at the temperature I want them.  I’m aware that this is OTT, but it was so mild last winter that I was very concerned that Edweena would wake up and use all her energy before she was due to finish hibernating.

Yes, I know that I overthink this and worry too much.  If it reassures me, does it matter?  I feel that I’ve had enough anxiety this year and should take care of myself.  That this seems to be done by buying a tortoise fridge is a bit dispiriting, but that’s how it is.

13 comments on “Dog Latin

  1. Roses

    We had salmon and pasta last night, quelle coincidence!

    I think a tortoise fridge is a good idea, but won’t they need an air supply? Even if they don’t breathe very often, I would have thought some air would be good…but I’ve never contemplated tortoises, so you’ve probably already looked into that. I be quiet now.


  2. 63mago

    I must confess that the idea of a tortoise fridge first made me wonder. But I learned that it is a known and successful practice, I just have found & read instructions for it.

  3. three-legged-cat

    I like the approach of say ‘pfft’ and don’t bother with housework, sounds good to me.

    When Mr TLC became a man of leisure a few years ago, he declared himself to be the househusband/the butler and he now does pretty much everything around the house. I realised just how much of a domestic sloth I had become when recently I had to ask where we kept the hoover. Yes, I do realise that I’m very lucky.

    PS I hope Ben enjoyed his lunch!

  4. Z Post author

    R suggested hibernating Edweena in the fridge last year but I vetoed the idea. You’re right, Roses, they do need ventilation but you can just open the door every two or three days. It’s a particularly good place for small tortoises as the temperature is constant.

    Bit of a family crisis this evening – all will be fine but Phil had a bike accident and is being patched up in hospital. Meanwhile, I’m at their house minding the children. Weeza and Phil will be home in a while, then I’ll drive home. But no post tonight, too fiddly on the phone.

  5. Z Post author

    Torn ligaments in one shoulder, broken bone in the hand the other side, also dislocated finger. They got home just before midnight, I drove home and was in bed around 2 – just been talking to him, he feels ok this morning but is very limited in what he can do, with just one useful finger and thumb! Still, all mendable, didn’t hit his head, counting blessings.

  6. Mike Horner

    How thoroughly annoying for him. Still, could have been very much worse. Please give him our sympathy and hope he’s soon on the mend.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  7. Z Post author

    It’s going to be quite some while before he can resume his 40 mile plus daily commute and they’ve only one car and Weeza goes in the opposite direction. He’s okay in himself, but it’s quite a worry. Thank you all.


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