Z makes plans

So, plans are made, though the timing is yet to be confirmed.  I may leave on Monday or Tuesday, but I’ll come home on Thursday because I’ve an appointment the next morning.  Whatever happens, I’m meeting John G at his local and I think a beer or two might be drunk – only one by me, of course, I’ll be driving.

Zerlina and Gus are here and ate a very big dinner before going for stories and bed.  Gus had eaten so much he couldn’t manage much of his bedtime milk.  Tomorrow, if it isn’t raining, people are coming round to shift the freezer and take down the summerhouse, which is in need of renovation.  We last took it apart some 25 years ago, though I’ve painted it since and it’s had running repairs at various times.  The freezer has lived in the porch for some years, but now will be shifted back to its former position in a little hallway between the house and the laundry room that’s the way through to the annexe.  Then I can overwinter plants in the porch, if I can stop Russell filling it with Stuff.  However often we tidy up, we can’t resist having all our Stuff near to hand.  There is little hope for me and far less for him.


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  1. Z Post author

    It does look bad – I’ll wait and see though, I’d rather come Monday but won’t hesitate to put it off if necessary.


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