Z looks forward to turning the corner

Plans are well in hand for the Village Festival.  We’ve had our final meeting, reckoning that the remaining details can be sorted out by email and face-to-face – we do talk to each other once in a while – which reminds me, after the interviews at the school a couple of weeks ago and before we discussed the appointment, two members of the panel popped out of the room and the Head and I took the quiet opportunity to check our emails.  His PA came in with some tea and laughed at us.  There we both were, tapping away at our iPhones, looking as if we were carrying on a silent conversation.

I am as besotted as ever with the phone, I’m afraid, and spend a happy few minutes, two or three times a week, checking out apps.  Rog thinks that four or five pages are normal; I’m afraid I have eight and a half.  I do like to have a couple of games on the go, as well as lots of information, some of it in game form (I’m not half bad on the Highway Code now, nor on anatomy: I finally know my arse from my elbow).  then there are books, audio books, newspapers, the radio (which is a bit rubbish in this poor-digital-reception area) and Spotify, never mind the things that come as standard anyway.  And I still sleep with the phone under my pillow.  It’s not the last thing I cuddle at night, but it’s generally the first that I handle in the morning.

These dull, mild days are wonderful for the greenhouse plants, and the rain – not that we’ve had whole lots here – is splendid for the veggies.  I haven’t had to water outside since Saturday, which is a bonus at this time of year.  Of course, I don’t water flowers or lawn.  I have plants that are suitable for sandy, gravelly soil in a sunny spot, instead.

Weather permitting, Dave is coming over tomorrow and we hope to complete the longest section of wall this week.  Then I can weed and dig and plant out the bed beneath and after that we can start on the final stretch.  It’s something like 35 feet long and 5 feet tall, so it’s more work than I’m making it sound, but the end will be in sight.

Today’s app – iAssociate 2.  Which is free.  I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve paid for the original iAssociate as well.

13 comments on “Z looks forward to turning the corner

  1. mago

    The Wall is nearly eleven meters long and 1,5 m high – that’s serious work.
    I heared that Mr. Jobs, the apple evangelist, held another propagation today.
    Earlier in history people slept with the gun under the cushion, today’s the i-phone 🙂

  2. Z

    It’s 30 metres long altogether, Mago, or it will be. The 11m is just the last bit round the corner.

    Until you have an iPhone, you don’t get it, but then it seems perfectly normal. I’ve read all about the latest one – but I don’t begrudge those who are upgrading already.

  3. mago

    I can not help … it surely is good (in any respect) technology – and I am not against technology at all: without this some humans I really love would not be around anymore – but there is something that makes me feel … uneasy?
    In German: Ich trau’ ihm nicht. Maybe it is too absolute. I do not want to spoil something, I am happy that you are happy with it, use it and all – it is good for you, you like it, there is no harm. Maybe I am old in this respect.
    Hope the building will go on!

  4. Gledwood

    I’m not into games, but there is a really good one called Edge which had me totally hooked.

    It might not sound exciting, but you roll a block around platforms and suchlike and you DON’T NEED LIGHTNING REFLEXES!!

    Village fetes and all…?… Your life sounds more and more like an episode of The Archers by the day. I’m jealous

  5. Dave

    My mobile lives in the living room these days. Often it’s switched off. I usualy do remember to take it with me on holidays, as an emergency form of communication. My latest bill tells me that I sent one text message last month, and made no calls. This is not unusual.

  6. Z

    Too all-absorbing, Mago? No, I can put it down for whole minutes at a time! Too powerful? Oh yes, How ironic that one of the reasons I have stuck with Apple is that it’s not Microsoft, and now it’s become the larger in money terms. Knows too much about me? Yes, that’s true too. At least I’m not on Facebook.

    I used to be the same with my mobile and I now spend as much each month as I used to in a year. It’s worth it. And it’s far easier to use than a mobile.

    It’s an iPhone app too, Gled – I’ll get it!

    Oh Zig, I know how you feel. I stayed in bed late this morning and have now completed the whole thing apart from the final yellow link in Ants in the Pants, which needs more thought.

    I can give you the answer to the 8 letter word if you want, but you may prefer to work it out. If you get the first letter, you’ll get it.

  7. Z

    I got the final answer about ten minutes after the last comment I left.

    Well, actually I could, Mago. If i can take up cycling in November and lose weight, and give up drinking for as long as required for my health, I’m not going to be governed by a gadget, however much fun it is. Physical addiction is one thing, games are another. Having said that, I don’t want to quit and I don’t see why I should, especially as I’m committed to paying £35 per month for the next year and a half!


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