Z gets some work done but is anxious about it for a while

I can’t deny that I got a bit frustrated.  I remembered that I’d promised to do a write-up for the newsletter about the Scottish visit and that I’d said I’d have it to the editor by Tuesday morning.  So I started on that this morning, though I’d intended to do it at the weekend but forgot.  I was getting on quite well and said to the Sage, who was hopefully talking about starting on the photos for the catalogue and website, that I’d be about 15 minutes more.

Then the phone rang.  Doesn’t it always? – it was something I had to talk about, to do with Meals on Wheels, and it took nearly the whole of that 15 minutes and then I’d lost the thread, so it was a further half-hour, with tweaking and correcting, before I sent it off.  And then I had an email that had to be dealt with – it was so much slower and yet so much easier in the days when you weren’t obtainable so easily.  Still, at least it wasn’t another phone call.

After that, I went and talked to the plants in  the greenhouse for a bit, in a friendly way, told them how well they’re doing and how much I care for them, and tied up the new growth in the tomatoes and cucumbers and all that sort of thing.  It’s perfect growing weather in there, warm and humid with no sun to scorch or wilt anything.  I’ve been watering thoroughly so didn’t today, not to bring down the temperature.

The forecast was rain, but we’ve only had a couple of light showers, hardly enough to wet the ground.

Anyway, it was after lunch when we got going.  And it just wasn’t going to work.  The light-box and the lights weren’t right (we used to take photos outside but decided to be a bit more professional) – and I got a bit agitated.  As you can see, I don’t do things early as Dave does, but I don’t take them to the wire either.  I leave time in hand for those sorts of problems.  The Sage doesn’t, but is lucky.

In this case, he was lucky to have me on hand to say “It Won’t Do” rather than let him get away with poor pictures and finally to suggest taking them outside after all.  For the last catalogue pictures, I hadn’t long had my operation and couldn’t help except by making encouraging sounds and tea (and they ended up a bit dark, in fact).   Fortunately (today and outside), the breeze had dropped, it was still cloudy and, although there was a short shower through which I resolutely kept snapping (no water on lens, camera in light box as was china) we got it done.  I’ve sent everything off for the catalogue to Weeza, who has already started work on it.

I realised afterwards I’d missed a meeting, but it didn’t really matter.  I was quite glad to have genuinely not noticed the time, as I didn’t feel I had a lot to contribute but it might have been thought I did, and someone who was much better went anyway and has already emailed a report.  Gosh.  I emailed back to apologise, of course.

Now, I’ve got to get on with that work for the Meals on Wheels lady.  I explained that I was too busy today but I’d do it this evening.

Ooh, Weeza is good.  She emailed to say how she’s getting on with the catalogue (up to lot 34 which is more than a third of the way) and mentioned it was raining.  So I asked her to direct the rain this way and here it is.  Splendid!

9 comments on “Z gets some work done but is anxious about it for a while

  1. Gledwood

    AT least it was colder than a day or two before. Blinkin’ hell. One woman I saw was in such sweats on Friday she looked like she’d showered clothes on. Nasty business! I think I prefer temperate weather nowadays…

    (When I was little I would have far, far preferred to live in the tropics. Not now!!)

  2. Z

    When it’s hot, I relax and enjoy it – after all, it’ll be cold again soon enough. But then, I don’t live in the city, which is pretty horrid in the heat.

  3. Dave

    I tied up my tomato plants yesterday. They seem to have grown rather quickly last week, when I wasn’t there to talk to them.

  4. Roses

    Good grief, you’re so energetic. I’m knackered just reading about all of that.

    I always talk to my plants, when I go out to have a puff. I’ve also discovered aphids aren’t smokers.

  5. Z

    They like a friendly chat, Dave. Maybe you aren’t encouraging them enough.

    Cigarette smoke does tend to deter aphids, Roses, but it’s supposed not to be a good idea to handle tomato plants after you’ve handled cigarettes as the tomato and tobacco plants are related and you can transfer a virus. A plant virus, not a person one. I have no idea how likely this is to happen.

    Yesterday was a very dull day but at least I got some work done.

  6. Roses

    Oooo…I didn’t know that. Mind you, I’ve only got one lone tomato plant, so it’s not going to be difficult to remember.

  7. mago

    I sometimes shout a bit at them.
    Some days are a bit how to say? All i managed to do this day was to write one letter. It is an important one and I had to do some preparation, but in the evening its just one damn letter.
    I wish a thunderstorm would come by.

  8. Z

    Well, it was often said in the 60s, and my parents had a friend who grew and dried his own tobacco (for his own use, it’s quite legal, even now) and he said that too. But I hardly think it’s a big problem.

    I hope your important letter serves its desired purpose, Mago. Careful preparation is worth the time spent.

    When I lived by the seaside, I loved to watch storms at sea from the clifftop. The lightning was dramatic.


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