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Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, but it didn’t seem to be polite to Daphne, to write in the evening when we were all together and she goes to bed later than I do.  Tim quite understands the whole blogging thing, though, and has gone for a bit of a wander while i write.

It’s been a lovely few days.  The lunch on Sunday went very well and my children, all six of them, chatted vigorously as ever, while the children mostly vanished to play together.  I need to mention that the clock in the hall doesn’t need to be stopped then started, as I have to put it right later, but I don’t mind that my shoes are spread all over the house.  A granny should have as few rules as possible and even those should be flexible.  On Monday, Weeza had taken her last holiday from 2015, so we visited – Daphne had never been to their new house and so got the full guided tour, as did LT, who had been slightly more formally entertained last visit.  They’re planning a fresh round of work at the house in the next few months, having taken a bit of a break.

I hope that you lovely people have had a good Christmas/New Year/holiday period (darlings, I can do PC with the rest if it’s absolutely required), because I have.  A year ago, I was being pretty chipper but wasn’t finding it very easy, and I can’t quite believe the changes in my emotions and attitudes.  Living for now is what I normally do, as I’m inclined to be self-protective.  But I’m taking the risk and looking forward.

Happy 2016, friends.

3 comments on “Z looks forward

  1. allotmentqueen

    There’s clearly a generational gap between “my” children and “the” children, but I’m sure you’ll recognise that. I’m so glad you have found a ‘new purpose’ in life (that’s a bit of a cliché but you know what I mean). Interesting to see that LT has made it on to the DP. How have “your” children taken to that (feel free to email me if you feel you need to)? But I’m really glad that you seem to be so happy now as I feel that anything other than being happy with your life is not a good thing. Yes, I did miss you – but who am I to speak?

    1. Z Post author

      I wrote that quite without realising but yes, it is a natural generation gap. My children are really pleased and already take Tim for granted, to his initial surprise but our happiness. Thanks xx


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