Alone again, somewhat unnaturally

It’s the first time for 17 days, I think, that I’ve been alone, so it feels a bit odd.  But I’ve been eating up leftovers, spilling wine on the carpet and mopping it up and doing almost a quarter of the crossword, so it seems to be all right.  I’ve also turned off the Aga because it’s being serviced tomorrow.

Isn’t it always the way?  I arranged for the Aga man, Simon, and my accountant, Tim (not to be confused with LT) to come on the same day, not to restrict myself to staying in two days, and then another quite important meeting cropped up.  I’ve had to give apologies, which goes against the grain, but I’m not cancelling twice.  I’m not indispensable and never thought I was.  When someone who was, at one time, dropped dead, I learned the hard lesson that one should always have a succession plan in operation – at that time, it was up to me to cope and it was a steep curve.  Anyway, not the case now.  I’m useful but not necessary, which is just right.

Anyway, I’ve turned off the Aga and will give it a good clean tomorrow.  Usually, it’s a bit hot for comfort.


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