Z feeds the five…er, the fifteen

The year started quietly, other than the first few minutes after midnight, when jollity reigned.  I was fine, just a bit tired…….Tim was decidedly chipper.  He says he’s an evening person,  as I am, but he’s pretty cheery in the morning too.

I’m not sure if those barn cats are getting fat or whether they just have really thick coats, but they look pretty fine and certainly fatter than Eloise.  They’re very pleased I’m home, though Roses looked after them just as well as I do (and she often feeds them anyway, whichever one of us is about).  The young pullets are laying well and, I think, the older birds’ laying habits have picked up.  I certainly have quite a number of eggs to be used.

This won’t be a problem, mind you, because it’s party time again on Sunday.  I’ve got a socking great rib of beef and there will be fifteen of us to eat it.  Daphne is coming to stay tomorrow and Charlotte is coming on Sunday, as is the family.

Talking of family, I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that Ro and Dora are expecting a baby.  We’re all so happy.  They wanted to tell the family when they came for tea before Christmas, but ducked out of it (shy, darlings, like wot I am) and asked me to Start Spreading The News.  So I just said, before we start eating, let’s all congratulate Ro and Ro*.  There was a momentary confusion and then, of course, everyone twigged.



*Dora’s real name is Ro, but that would just be too confusing.  One in the blogfamily is quite enough.

11 comments on “Z feeds the five…er, the fifteen

  1. Liz

    What lovely news! Congrats to Ro and Dora.

    We’re entertaining on Sunday too, but not on anything like the scale you are. Enjoy your party and Happy New Year to everyone at the Zeddery.


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