Eloise makes a clean protest

It’s been a busy ten days, not only for me but for Eloise cat too.  First there was that prolonged  journey to LT in Reading, then the tricky drive down to Wink.  Next came the trip to Poole for Zig’s funeral, which are two words that just don’t go together, and I can’t believe at all that I’m not going to see her again.  However, with blinkers attached as usual, I bounced right back for Christmas.  And LT came to join Wink and me, and we had a wonderful celebration.  Then, it was lovely to see darling Dodo – she’s 103 and very frail, but she’s still the same person, at heart, whom I’ve known all my life.

After that, I travelled to Kent to see Daphne.  I have to admit, Eloise’s patience was being tried by then.  She clearly thought we were going home and she went on a clean protest.  You remember the dirty protest by IRA prisoners, some years ago?  Hers was the opposite.  She dried up.  Her litter tray was unsullied.  She ate and drank and nothing happened as a result.  I became quietly frantic.

Daphne’s son and family came to lunch yesterday and it was delightful to see their little girl OG, who is nearly two.  And Eloise finally abandoned her protest to a minor extent, so that was a relief in every way as well.  I left Kent this morning, did some shopping in Yagnub on the way home and LT arrived less than five minutes after me.  Roses had looked after everything while I was away, so there was nothing to catch up on.  This evening, LT and I are eating a leisurely meal, one course every hour accompanied by a bottle of wine, until midnight, when we will probably just fall over.

I may make some attempt at a review and a look forward tomorrow.  But now, I’m just appreciative.  And I’m hopeful.  My wish is that you are too.  Happy new year, dear friends.

8 comments on “Eloise makes a clean protest

    1. Z Post author

      We didn’t have wine with pudding. And we failed at the final hurdle, which was to have been Prosecco at midnight. All the same, a bottle and a half of red wine, a gin and tonic each and a glass of port. Each, obvs. Blimey, I’m truthful. Who knew?

  1. Lois (three-legged-cat)

    Wishing a very happy new year to you and to Tim – I hope that 2016 proves to be a most excellent year!


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