Seeing Dodo

Today, we went to visit Dodo, who was our mother’s oldest friend, is Wink’s godmother and who is now 103 years old.  She still lives in her little cottage, now with a carer and has finally conceded that life is easier with a stairlift.  She’d made a mistake and double-booked friends visiting; fortunately Angela, her Moldovian carer, twigged and put things right, putting me first as I’m leaving tomorrow.  Dodo apologised.  “I got muddled,” she said, though it was a small and understandable mistake.  “There’s nothing thing good about being 103.”  We could only say that we were glad she’s still with us.  And, I reflected, she’s old enough to be our grandmother.

Its been a lovely Christmas and restful, on the whole, in a good way.  Tomorrow, I’m going to visit  Daphne, near Canterbury, for a couple more nights, then home again.  Lovely Tim will come and join me there.

Once I’m home, I’ll blog again properly.  I can type easily enough on an iPad or phone, but I can’t think so well when I can’t see the whole page.  I hope all is well with you.

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