Z lives for the present

We had to go to Lowestoft today and picked up Elle from her friend’s house, where she’d spent Christmas, on the way back.  I asked about the planned party for New Year’s Eve.  It was still on, but they hadn’t found a venue yet.  There was one possibility, but it was quite a way for most of the guests to go.  I thought for a couple of minutes before speaking, for once (my sister calls our usual leaping-in “mouth overtaking brain”), so I can only blame myself if anything goes awry (Elle didn’t ask, or even hint), and offered the use of the bungalow.

So there will be quite a number of teenagers around here on Monday night.  We’ll stay out of the way unless things seem to be going awry, but I don’t expect them to.  They’re all a good bunch of kids and Elle has been to a couple of parties already, with no ill effects to the venue.  A number of them will sleep over, I daresay, there’s one double bed that Al and Dilly left behind but otherwise they will doss down on the floor.

Elle’s mum (who is French, though she lives in Germany), sent a parcel of some splendid French delicacies for Christmas for us, which is so kind.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that she, with Elle’s father and brother, will be coming here for a few days in February before Elle returns home again.  This has not gone at all as planned, I thought we’d just be providing the introduction to the school and a host family would be found and we’d just meet her a couple of times, but how glad I am that this wasn’t what happened.  She has been to several friends already and stayed a while with each, so she hasn’t been stuck with us the whole time – and we’ve had time to recover from the effects of having a teenager in the house again – but while she is here, she’s really part of the family.  It’s a preview of having teenage grandchildren – I love them being the age they are, but I’m going to enjoy their growing up too.  I’ve always thought how lovely it will be, to have an open house where my grandchildren can stay, invite their friends, feel that they can relax and have a (mutual) parent/offspring break and, whether this happens or not, depending on geography, health, closeness and so on, it’s a foretaste of a dream come true.  I sometimes feel that, at my age, I’ve not a lot to hope for (this isn’t meant to sound depressed but we’ve had a few foretastes of old age recently) but, though I’ve blogged a lot about the past recently, this doesn’t mean I’m going to hanker after it.  I’m going to take what now has to offer, and offer what I can as well.

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  1. mig

    I’m looking forward to teenage grandchildren too. Having young people around is so invigorating isn’t it.
    (Still, bravely done, offering the bungalow, though I’m sure you’re right and there’s no need to expect problems)


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