If Z relaxes any more, I’ll slide under the table dribbling gently

Back to the cinema this evening, this time to see Life of Pi.  I enjoyed it very much and it’s made me want to reread the book, which isn’t always the case.  The sight of Indian food made Elle and I want to eat some, so I quickly phoned Ro to find out a nearby restaurant he could recommend, and the Sage to let him know we’d be an hour late.

The least likely film for me to watch is the one about the family caught up in the tsunami, who survived.  It’s all far too fresh in the memory, even the trailer was too upsetting to watch.  Elle and I both turned away.

The week has been slipping away and I haven’t started on any of the things I meant to do.  But I’ve been watching DVDs, reading, cooking – all very pleasant but I’d saved a few days specially.  I’m so foolish, darlings.

Anyway, the consequence is that I haven’t done anything much to tell you about.  Though I wouldn’t have anyway.  Turning out the larder and laundry room …… hm, doesn’t quite thrill, does it?

Still, my total inaction reminds me of a day of interviews I did last year.  It was for a temporary internal promotion at school but was likely, if successfully completed, to lead to a different permanent promotion.  The person we ended up appointing already led a major academic department.  Near the end of the interview, we asked her about her capacity for taking on extra responsibilities, quite time-consuming ones, when she was already so busy.  She looked surprised that we needed to ask.  “Well, the more there is to do, the more efficient you become, don’t you?”  She was right, of course.  And so, pleasant as it is to have a break, it’s a good job it’s a short one.  I need deadlines and obligations or I get bored.  And a bored Z is a boring Z.  

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