Z feels fat and sleepy

We did have a good time yesterday and ate far too much.  I rarely overeat nowadays, but restraint went out of the window, largely because we were in no hurry at all to finish the meal and had long gaps between courses, so regained appetite.  Even later in the evening after Ro and Dora had gone, the Sage managed some smoked salmon and I ate Stilton.

I didn’t feel over-full when I went to bed, but we were too warm.  Not realising the mildness of the night, we’d put on the electric blanket for a few minutes and we both lay there whinging gently about the heat.  The Sage went to sleep in the end but I didn’t, and after a few hours I gave up, went downstairs and cleaned and tidied the kitchen.  Then I went and watched a DVD, then tidied the dining room before shambling back up to bed at nearly 6 o’clock.  I still didn’t sleep for another hour though before falling into a brief doze before the radio woke me again.  And if this has been long and dull to read (I know, there’s no ‘if’ about it) then I hope you’ve skipped most of it.

But at least the housework had been done, so mustn’t grumble, hey.  And we spent today with Al and co at their new house, where they are settling in happily.

5 comments on “Z feels fat and sleepy

  1. allotmentqueen

    Look – if you’re going to do overnight cleaning, could you just nip down here and do mine???

    And anyhow, how come you’re going to bed without cleaning and tidying the kitchen? Are you some kind of slxx? (I’m sorry all the words I could think of were a bit derogatory, to say the least).

  2. Z

    I rarely sleep in front of the tv in the evening, Macy, that’d really put the kibosh on sleeping at night.

    I’d filled the dishwasher and put it on, but there was still a stack in the sink, so I emptied and reloaded it, then cleaned the sink. I could have handwashed them the night before, but I’m far too much of a slob. And it was Christmas Day.

  3. mig

    Oh it was exactly the same for us. And while you were cleaning and tidying in the middle of the night, I was cooling off with a book and a cup of tea. And actually I wondered if you’d be up 🙂


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