happy Christmas

The joy that is Z for you : – D

Travels next year are likely to be confined to this country however so, much as I’d like to visit far-flung friends (I won’t be able to say that three times after I’ve drunk the champagne we’re about to open), that will be a treat for the future.

Love from all at the Zedary

12 comments on “happy Christmas

  1. Z

    Random eye movements there – the screen of the iPad is below the camera lens, but that’s no excuse.

    Plenty in the fridge still for the keen-eared for corks popping!

  2. martina

    That was adorable! You look great Zoe and oooh that blouse/dress is very complementary.
    Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2013 to everyone.

  3. heybartender

    How lovely to hear your voice. It’s funny how we all get to “know” one another here in blogland, isn’t it? I feel as if it’s been so long and yet here I am hearing you for the fist time. I do hope we meet in person one day. Until then I’ll just wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Z

    Ah, when I get around to writing about Best Presents, we’ll be talking the same language, AQ.

    I hope we’ll meet too, HB, it has been a long time. At least five years, and you’ve broadened my taste in music no end.


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