Z nearly ran out of puff

Darlings, I’m not going to get around to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas, so please accept my apologies, lots of love and very best wishes.

This evening, the Carol Service was held in the church and it was a bit – well, we made the best of things.  I arrived and had a quick run through the carols I was playing on the organ – “Ah,” said Andy, “Could you play O Come All Ye Faithful in a different key?  Um, A flat?”  That’s four flats.  I’d expected to play it in G.  One sharp.   The arrangement was quite different, to boot.  I – oh, I winged it.  I mean, JFDI, OK?  But worse was to come, dear hearts.  There should have been a bit of nifty switching around of instruments and the electronic organ, the proper organ, the guitar and the clarinet come together in various duetty combinations, but none of them was quite in tune with each other and in the event we did nearly everything as solos, one or the other of us.  I was left with the more swingy numbers, plus Away in a Manger.  Candles were lit whilst that was being sung and the next carol, which was Andy’s, was sung by candlelight – or, since I’d missed out on the candles, by the light of an iPhone candle app.

We spent last night with Weeza and family, which was absolutely lovely and a great treat.  I couldn’t say anything about it last night of course, because the house was going to be empty, though a friend called in a few times, to feed and shut up the chickens and let them out again this morning.  And talking about this morning, I was woken rather early, about 4 o’clock, by the rain and couldn’t sleep again.  We’ve not had that much in comparison to the rest of the country so no grumbles at all.

The word ‘merry’ is such a splendid one, isn’t it? A pity it’s rarely used except in one particular context.

Merry Christmas, lovely internet friends.  Thank you for another year and if you do, please carry on blogging.  If you will, I will.  

9 comments on “Z nearly ran out of puff

  1. allotmentqueen

    Well I think you should either have said no, or said yes but still played it in G. I mean, come on, what’s a semitone between friends? Even A would probably have been better.

    And after a few drinks I can be a bit merry.

    But a merry Christmas to you and yours, and I wish it would stop raining. Luckily I live up a hill but I am getting bored with this constant wetness.

  2. mig

    On the fiddle, you just have to remember not to play any open strings in A flat. It must be much harder with keys.
    Sounds like a lovely occasion altogether and well swung!
    Merry Christmas to you too dear Z and if you will I certainly will

  3. Z

    it wasn’t so much the different key as the arrangement – I usually hammer out the tune with my right hand and play chords with my left. In this case, the chords were in the right hand and the left played an octave lower than I wanted it to – since we’ve got a rather small organ, I ran out of notes at one point.

  4. How do we know

    oh, we will keep blogging.. and i missed a lot on ur blog.. bcs there was so much hapening here.. i shld have ignored all that and come to this happy happy blog. it makes my day too! 🙂

  5. luckyzmom

    Hoping your Christmas was as wonderful as you!

    I really have the best intentions of blogging, but, when I try I am just blocked. I will keep reading in any case and will also keep trying to unblock myself!

  6. Z

    I know just what you mean because I used to find that, if I didn’t blog for a few days, I lost my ‘voice’ and it took a few years to overcome this and write naturally. I also still find that if I plan what I’m going to say then I can’t be bothered to write down what I’ve thought through. General waffle is all I can do, but I enjoy it.


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