Z is wanted again!!(!)

You know I said, the other day, that I was being made redundant? This has lasted no time at all. Sarah, his Saturday girl, gave in her notice last week (Al has only just mentioned it) and this Saturday will not only be Sarah 2’s first week but Sarah 1’s last. Next week, Eileen will not be in as she is busy, so I’m back in business again.

There is hope on the horizon, however. Sarah 2 has a sister of a similar age. Usually, they choose not to do the same things, because they don’t want, understandably, to be lumped together as ‘the twins’. But they might make an exception. And if not, I have another friend with a teenage daughter, whom I could approach. If neither of these opportunities comes to anything, I’ll look for a likely boy. It’s harder for boys to earn extra money, largely because most of the babysitting market is filled by girls.

Nothing else to say. I’ve done little today. I even managed to be quite bored. Not bored enough to do the ironing or extra-curricular tidying, but there are no immediate deadlines looming and I simply lounged about. Obviously, this state of affairs must not last.

One comment on “Z is wanted again!!(!)

  1. Wendz

    I lounged out too yesterday – in fact, I slept for 2 and a half hours in the afternoon and woke feeling quite resentful that I had to make supper. But I did, with a smile too, I may add, and it was delicious.

    Today I shall slob some more.


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