8 comments on “Ew

  1. Wendz

    Chunder is the correct word, Z. I feel downright ill after watching that. The way he held up his …stuff…and it dripped down…EW!

    People are MAD.

  2. Z

    Revenge may be a dish best eaten cold, but cold spunk, frankly, is a revolting thought. Even if it was his own. Another man’s would have been just too appalling.

  3. Dandelion

    Oh my god. That did make me actually puke. That is bad. Why did I look?

    Having said this, though, I have to confess that I did make a certain gentleman eat a spoonful of his own not so long ago.

  4. Z

    I was too stunned even to cover my eyes, LZM. Sorry as I am to have made you sick, D, I confess to a certain satisfaction at provoking such disgust in everyone.

    Dandelion, you had a spoon about your person at the time? Oh, that’s cruel. A handful is one thing, but the forethought gone in to having a spoon suggests a high degree of studied teasing.

  5. Dandelion

    I had the sound down at the beginning. I only turned it up when I realised it was about delicious creme eggs. I didn’t get to the end.

    Now, I didn’t have a spoon about my person at the time, no. I made Mrs A pop to the kitchen and get one. A tablespoon.


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