Hello, Blackbird

A few weeks ago, when the hen blackbird was sitting on the nest, her mate used to come to Al for grapes. He would take a proffered grape, fly away over Badgerdaddy’s former flat to the churchyard, give it (presumably) to ‘er indoors, return for another one and then go away to eat it. He became tame enough to take the grapes from Al’s hand and I spent some time trying to photograph it. It wasn’t easy to catch the instant when he took the grape and so I didn’t post the pictures.

You see what I mean.

Whilst the babies were growing up, he and she spent most of their time foraging for food for them, but since the family has left the nest, he’s been able to indulge again. And now cherries are in season, which are even more delicious, and he has time to stay and eat them.

When I first saw him, I tossed a cherry on the ground. He hopped into the alleyway next to the shop, to make sure I was not dangerous with a few minutes’ observation. Soon afterwards, another male blackbird landed, tail well up and it darted in and grabbed the cherry. Al’s indignant blackbird came rushing out, but it was too late. I threw another cherry and he wasted no more time in checking me out, but took it straight away, over to a doorway, and ate it.

So, with you ever in my mind, I took pictures.

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10 comments on “Hello, Blackbird

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    Aw, bless Z, and only the finest produce for them too. I’ve had a run in or two with some of our feathered friends and today found two young pigeons who have just about got their flight feathers and another pigeon nesting on a couple of eggs, who looks most indignant when you peer down on her and her nest, which I may add is one of the poorest attempts at homemaking I have ever seen, praps that’s why she looks the way she does.

  2. Z

    What a honey you are! The background noise was the sound of the wind in the shop canopy. It’s real Wimbledon weather here at present. Nice strawberries though…

  3. jen

    now i am wandering off with the beatles tune in my head..take these broken wings and learn to fly…

    Z, you do that for everyone’s wings, broken or not.

  4. Z

    If it involves application and comprehension, Martin, there’s little chance of me doing it.

    Jen, you are so lovely. I gain a lot more than I give, you know.

    Stitchwort, these cherries are French I think. The English ones aren’t ready yet – there were some lovely ones from Kent, and a few local ones last year, but there isn’t always a crop worth speaking of. The birds get most of the raspberries and currants in my garden, I admit. On the other hand, they and the ladybirds have eaten all the aphids.


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