Z is relaxed. Christmas? Pfft.

I did a bit of rushing about yesterday and caught up with a lot of the remaining preparations, so I took the day off today, pretty well.  I suspect the difference is that yesterday, the sun shone and today it rained.  The weather has quite an effect on my energy levels and attitude.

We’re spending Christmas with Weeza and co.  Wink will arrive here on Sunday and stay for a week.  It will be lovely and mostly relaxed – Weeza, like me, is pretty organised when it comes to feeding a houseful and we don’t fuss about minor things and plan the major ones.  I know she enjoys being the host, it’s a pleasure to see that going down the generations.  It’s something I took on board from my parents, but am happy to relinquish so that my kids can do it their way too.  We’re taking various foods and drink and I’ve been as exuberant as usual in my present buying – actually, not as much as when my own children were small, now I think of it.  Then there were three, now there are a dozen.  I probably only buy half again as many presents as I used to.

4 comments on “Z is relaxed. Christmas? Pfft.

  1. allotmentqueen

    It’s quite nice taking a day off, or so, isn’t it? The only trouble is I have no idea what day it is today. As a result I rushed out with most of the recycling in the early hours having not realised yesterday was Thursday.

    1. Z Post author

      That’s very true. When I was awake in the night, I spent some time trying to work out which day it is today, and had to look it up on my phone in the end, because it was keeping me awake.

  2. Mike and Ann.

    Thank you Z (and Allottment Queen). I seem to spend time trying to work out what day of the week it is, and had begun to think I was really slipping. It’s nice to know that it’s simply that (in semi retirement in my case) all days seem alike . Glad to know I’m not the only one. – Reassuring!


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