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I had two engagements today.  The first was a meeting of the members of the proposed multi-academy trust, with the purpose of appointing the first trustees – who are the overall governors, above the governors of the individual schools; although “above” is a term that, while legally accurate, is not particularly helpful.

I’m pretty happy that we’re on the same lines, which is reassuring.  In particular, matters like having a broad curriculum, which is being curtailed in many schools, and supporting students with extra needs, were specifically mentioned as being valued.  Having the money and clout to buy in services that the local authority is no longer able to provide, and which have been cut back for years, will be very helpful.

Then, this evening, I went to the annual prize giving at *my* school.  I haven’t been able to attend for the last couple of years but I don’t want to lose touch, though I only knew a handful of the students receiving awards.  The head student – no longer head boy and girl, but two head students who happened to be girls this year, is the daughter of the woman who took over from me as chairman of governors at the local primary school, so it was good to have a chat afterwards and catch up with news.  She’s one of those people whom one likes very much but don’t necessarily contact without specific reason, if you know what I mean – if I were more sociable it would be a different matter.  Perhaps one day.  Tim probably needs to push me.

The guest speaker was excellent.  An ex-student, as our speakers often are, he’s done very well in the 15 years since he left school and is now a surgeon, specialising in spinal surgery.  Yet, he said that, when he was in his early teens, he was most interested in rugby.  He’s an impressive young man – in terms of achievement, hardly young, though he can’t be older than my Ronan, and his speech was inspiring and, also, very funny.

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