Happy Christmas, darlings – a bit early

It’s been a quiet, lazy day – I seem to have alternate days of bustling about and being really useful, and doing nothing to speak of.  Alternate sunny and dull/rainy days might have something to do with that too.  I did have a feeling of a series of jobs having been completed though, so I felt quite entitled to do nothing much but read today.  And, in the afternoon, Wink arrived, so we’ve had an evening’s chat over roast partridge and red wine.

Dilly is dropping the children off in the morning, as she is booked for a manicure or something suitably indulgent for a busy working mum at this time of the year, so they can help me mix the bread dough and make a few cakes or something, as well as soup from the rest of the partridges.

Rose has been away for a couple of days, so I’ve been looking after her animals, as she regularly looks after mine.  Rummy, her main cat, gets quite anxious after a day or two, and starts to return to his feral roots, so I feed him his main meal with the barn cats – he has his own dish on a higher level than theirs, but he prefers to eat there than in the house.  Chip does come indoors to eat and he was wet from the rain, but he was affronted when I took a tissue to dry him.  Eloise cat likes to be dried.  Little so-and-sos are all different.

We will be busy tomorrow night, so I might not have a chance to write here.  So I’ll wish you a happy and enjoyable Christmas now, with my affectionate good wishes.  I’ve known some of you for well over a decade and I know that many of you are my true friends.  Thank you for your friendship and for watching me ramble on for so long, with such enjoyment.

7 comments on “Happy Christmas, darlings – a bit early

  1. Mike and Ann.

    Wish you both a happy Christmas, and a really good New Year.

    P.s. Zoe – that is a really nice picture of you.
    Love, Mike and Ann.

  2. Madeleine

    Best wishes from Ian and I, our Christmas has not been quiet and peaceful, grandchildren seem to compete to decide who can scream the loudest whilst designing our full attention.
    We are shattered, Ian seems to be in the kitchen constantly preparing and then clearing up after meals. All normal activities such as crosswords, sudoku, knitting, crochet , woodturning have been suspended.

    Our best wishes for 2019, do let us know if you are in London and have time for a quick coffee and meet up, or if you need a break driving between Reading and Yagnub we are not far from end of M3 northbound.


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