Z is patient

I wore another ancient jacket today.  And I did take a photo, but it came out really dark.  One day, perhaps.

This was another of my mother’s cast-offs.  My stepfather Wilf bought it for her on a business trip to the Far East, can’t remember which country.  It’s quilted, orange and green on a cream background, double buttons all the way up to a high neck, close-fitting, waist length.

It was never her taste really, but she wore it once in a while to please him and it did look good on her slender frame.  Eventually, she gave it to me, after he had died, because she didn’t think she would wear it again.

They got married the February before Al was born and he will be 37 next April … I can’t remember whether it was before or after their marriage, but it must be 35 years old at least.  She gave it to me 20 or more years ago, and today is the first time I’ve ever worn it.  But I was never inclined to throw it away.

Have no fear, dear hearts.  I shall not lose too much weight.  Health and strength matter to me.  I’m not vain, nor am I silly, nor do I feel I have anything to prove.  As one gets older, I think a few pounds more is healthier than being very thin.  But, if you have been, thanks for listening…

7 comments on “Z is patient

  1. Mike and Ann

    I think that after a certain age (say thirty), we know pretty well what suits us, and stop bothering about fashion. It doesn’t matter a bit how old a garment is provided it still fits well and looks good (or looks as if it was well made originally). Style and fashion are not at all the same thing.

    Or perhaps that is a bloke’s point of view ??? It’s this bloke’s point of view, anyway.

  2. Z

    I meant in the no longer unfashionable sense, of course. It all comes round again after a few decades.

    Not in the puffa sense, AQ.


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