High Zociety

Elle is spending the weekend in Germany as there is a family wedding, so I saw her on to the coach for Stansted and then spent the afternoon with Roses.  And how lovely that was, she gave me lots of tea and much love and we’re planning to meet up before long for Sunday lunch with our other halves.

I’ve suddenly got an almost overwhelming impulse to eat chocolate.  Oh dear.  Will I eat chocolate?  I don’t know yet.  I have chocolate, obv.  I mean, well, of course I have.  Why wouldn’t I have chocolate?  But it’s in another room and I’m a bit overwhelmingly lazy this evening.  So it’s a toss-up between greed and indolence.  Oh dear.  They should go together, innit?*

I’m also in the course of arranging a meet-up with Eddie Two-Socks.  I’m being a sociable Z.  John G and I are hoping to meet before long, though he’s a little further away – wondering if I can find an excuse for a mini-holiday taking in his direction if it’s a bit far for a day trip.  Just looked it up.  135 miles.  That’s doable.  So is a night or two away.  H’m.  I’ll see what the Sage says – not that he can’t do without me.  He appreciates the peace and quiet, also the total joy of my return, of course.

*Tim, darling, I hope you appreciate me

6 comments on “High Zociety

  1. Z

    No, I have such a vivid imagination that thinking of chocolate was enough.

    Yes, John. Choccy cake for your dad and something sharp or bitter for you?

    I’ve moved my computer back into the study where there’s chocolate to hand, Zig. I wonder how long I’ll last out.

    I should cocoa, Rog!


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