Z wears a really old jacket

Ah.  It seems I’m to be director of another company.  Unpaid of course – but unqualified come to that, so it’s okay.  Though I did manage a clever bit of delegation – one of the other Academy directors was taking notes for minutes, so I asked her to write a vital letter as she had all the info.  She was boxed in a corner, bless her kind and capable heart.

Tomorrow, it’s the biannual Area (Nadfas, that is) meeting.  I’m secretary, taking that on was a mistake and the Sage warned me and he was right.  I’ve sort of enjoyed it, but am only just getting to grips with it (that’s not all my fault, but I underestimated the work at the start) and someone else would be far better at the job.  I’m not holding my breath at finding a volunteer, mind you, in time for next March.

And so it’s time to be positive and happy, because that’s what this blog is for.  And indeed, I can do positive and happy on this occasion – in respect of clothes, which makes it even better.

More than 30 years ago, the Sage took me shopping for my birthday.  In advance of my birthday that is, shopping really isn’t a biggie in my life.  But on this occasion, he found that he was buying me a green skirt in diagonal checks and a dark green velvet jacket.  The skirt was worn for some years and I suppose was eventually disposed of, but the jacket, less worn, found its way to the back of the wardrobe.  In due course I became too fat for it (its a 10, which is smaller than today’s size 10) and it languished.  I never threw it out, though.

Today, I wore it and it fits.  And I’m wearing a skirt that is over 20 years old too, also grown out of for a while.  I’m wearing the necklace of green stones that I bought in Malta the year before last, so not everything is ancient – but I’m really happy to have lost so much weight that I’m almost the size I want to be.  And I’ve done it really, really slowly, which is very good.  I’m finally at the weight my doctor told me to be 5 years ago and within half a stone of the weight I feel myself at.

14 comments on “Z wears a really old jacket

  1. Blue Witch

    Well done, but do remember to eat occasionlly. Don’t get too carried away… it’s wise to have some fat stores about one’s person in case one is ill…

    I thought that 10s now are larger than they were? In that there are now sizes 8, 6, and even 0?

  2. Z

    It was a really dark morning and I was out all day. I’ve been wearing another *vintage* jacket today, though.

    Fat stores, BW, no danger they’ll vanish. Even if I lose the half stone, I’ll still be a full stone more than the minimum BMI for my height. Z and anorexia are at the opposite ends of the alphabet.

    Hello John. I’m afraid I don’t click on links unless I know who’s commented.

  3. Z

    Oh, yes BW, that’s what I said. An old size 10 is smaller than today’s. The same as 10 is larger than they were?

    von LX, most of my wardrobe is vintage…

  4. luckyzmom

    I’ve been having the same experience. So, I am aware of the determination necessary. Congratulations. It is not as noticable to others when you do it slowly. However, it is when you see people you haven’t seen in a long time as I found out recently. It has encouraged me to start walking everyday now. Wishing you the best.

  5. Z

    Yes, people have suddenly noticed the last couple of pounds when they didn’t notice quite a lot of weight loss beforehand. Oddly enough, a couple of people haven’t immediately recognised me. I didn’t think I’d changed that much!

  6. Sir Bruin

    Have only just got around to reading this – I’m curious as to whether you saw anything of Mr Tumnus whilst rooting around at the back of your wardrobe?
    On a different subject, I believe that I am exactly the right weight for my shape and am, therefore, content.

  7. Zig

    oh well done although you looked just fine to me when I saw you, but it’s how you feel that counts.

    I love vintage clothes especially ones with a past and I bet you looked stunning.


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