Z is ondeugend

…which means naughty.  One of the words I’ve retained over the last half century, funnily enough, though I’ve never written it down and had to look up how to spell it.  Anyway, with a stack of work to do, I took a long lunchtime and we went out to eat.  I persuaded Russell to have a pudding (no, I had black coffee) and he bought me flowers.  So things are relatively tranquil at the Zeddery (spell it as you wish, I use at least four different versions) although I had rather a long wait at the airport on my return, and I am procrastinating again by writing this.

On the list for tonight and tomorrow morning …

1 Email two prospective governors and arrange meetings (necessary to do this tonight)

2 Email friend who can tell me a make of halti that Ben doesn’t hate (this can wait)

3 Write the governors’ report for our annual return and accounts.  I have at least gathered together a lot of info (urgent)

4 Go through all the reports that Nadfas chairmen have sent.  Let the incoming secretary know.  One of us has to chase up the people who haven’t contacted us yet.  I have at least gone through the booking forms for next week’s meeting, but again, several people haven’t told us whether or not they are coming.  Deadline is Friday, but we won’t meet it (also urgent)

5 Change spare room bedclothes because lovely Elle is over and is spending tomorrow evening and night with us.  She isn’t daft, she knows I’ll then drive her to Norwich to catch her bus to the airport early the next morning.  It’ll be so good to see her again.  I’ve also invited Charlotte and Miriam for supper and C to stay the night (I don’t need to change that bed, she slept in it last week, but only for a night).  Miriam is in Munich at the Oktoberfest at present (tomorrow morning)

6 Email a staff member to congratulate her on her promotion (tonight)

7 Email all the governors to update them before the AGM on Wednesday (tonight)

That will all take about five or six hours, I should think.  Not too bad, I don’t know what I’m worrying about.

Photos will happen in due course, but possibly not until at least Wednesday night.

Oh look, it’s nearly 6 o’clock.  A little something might help, don’t you think?  Cheers, darlings.


9 comments on “Z is ondeugend

  1. Z Post author

    I wouldn’t want to not have enough to do, but sometimes there’s too much and it’s quite often meant that I reluctantly have to give up pleasures in favour of obligations. There are parts I enjoy and parts I don’t, but one can’t pick and choose.

    I’ve written the report, which was the most vital part, and written some of the emails. Next comes item 1, then start on 4, which is the one I’d most like to put off.

  2. 63mago

    I’m just very glad that you are back.

    Words like “urgent” and “deadline” are relative. I follow a kind of radar, must be inbuilt; up to now it always worked “just in time”.

  3. kipper

    Kippy has the Gentle Leader type of “halti”. Not sure if she needs it any more-in fact I forgot until reading your blog that we had it. I will try it on her a few times to be sure-she loves to pull even when wearing a harness with her lead. We could mail it on to you if she doesn’t need it.

  4. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! This sounds nightmarish. On similar days, I always feel great having achieved it all, but I’ve hated the day. It never seems sufficient. Hope you got it all done! Indigo x

  5. Z Post author

    You’re exactly right, Mago, that’s what I do. When I write it down, it’s either that I want to clarify things or if I’m sufficiently pushed to be at risk of forgetting something.

    Thank you, M – I can manage Ben all right, but Charlotte’s been taking him out and he’s too much for her. Good thing I’m back for a few weeks.

    Haven’t had any plates drop yet, Indigo, but more stuff came in during the evening so a bit of rescheduling of priorities.


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