Z is home, not sure what day it is

I’m home, darlings, it’s been a really good holiday but quite tiring.  I was telling Charlotte all I’ve done, but kept having to stop and think.  It was worryingly close to the ‘if it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium’ thing, but it was supposed to be a Dutch art exploration, after all.

There have been so many highlights, I can’t choose, but, as I said before, the startlingly impressive one was the Panorama Mesdag (s pronounced, g is the Dutch hgh sound, usually called guttural but it’s less harsh than that, I think) which was amazing. Otherwise, i don’t know how to choose between the delightful towns, the fabulous pictures, the wonderful scenes.  Oh, and the food was good too.  So was the company.  And I’ve been pleased to find that I remember more Dutch than I thought I did.

I have brought back chocolate, salty liquorice and tulip bulbs, plus a few things to be squirrelled away for a few weeks, and my luggage weighed several more kilos on the way back than on the way out.  I bought very little for myself though, just a pack of liquorice, a pack of tulip bulbs and a little tin of peppermints, which I’ll keep in my bag and refill.

Charlotte is half Dutch and therefore considerably taller than I am and, though she’s been slender all her life, she put on weight while she was in hospital last year.  So, having turned out my larger clothes, I asked her if she’d like to try them before I took them to the charity shop (there were some really nice things there, I’d love to find a good home for them) and she has taken a good number of them.  This evening, she was saying that Miriam needs to have a turn-out before she leaves for Australia and she’s an 8-10, so might i like a look at her stuff?  Miriam is soooo stylish.  And Charlotte bought a leather jacket (look, I’m so unaware that I can’t remember which designer it is, but it’s a good one) in a charity shop and it doesn’t fit her, so apparently it’s coming my way.  Woo.  And Hoo.  Is there a hope I might become well dressed?  If a bit over-youthfully?  I don’t know yet, but it’s possible.

I’ll tell you about the Netherlands tomorrow.  I know it’s early, but I’m nearly ready for bed.  Goodnight, darlings.

8 comments on “Z is home, not sure what day it is

  1. Roses

    Welcome home my lovely!

    Good to hear you had such a lovely time. I have tried salty liquorice, I liked it just as much as normal; not at all.

    There’s always time for style!

  2. Z Post author

    Well, it helps by liking liquorice in the first place. I tend to like most of the love ’em or hate ’em tastes, such as aniseed, Marmite, liquorice, but that quite likely means I don’t notice the subtler flavours.

    It isn’t is it, Rog? Holiday really is over, then.

  3. Blue Witch

    I used to love liquorice (one of the few sweet things I really enjoyed). Sadly it all seems to have wheat in it, so it’s past tense now.

    When’s your next jaunt?

  4. Z Post author

    That’s right, Mig – but the Dutch for sweet is zoete, so I was not sure which was which, had to find a pack where it was translated.

    Can one still buy sticks of liquorice root, BW? Otherwise, yes I think it does have wheat. And I suspect you’re teasing, but in fact I’m hoping to have a few days away at the end of this month, though haven’t had time to think about it yet. I’m planning to visit Badgerdaddy in Ludlow and call in on John G as well on the way. Or the way back. And when Wink has her hip op, I’ll spend some time with her, but we haven’t got a date for that yet.

  5. Liz

    Glad you had a good trip and clearly you found some means of transporting yourself home from the airport.

    Do you need another holiday to get over the one you’ve just had?

  6. Z Post author

    I need one to get away from the work that’s greeted me here. I’m making a lot of promises that I’ll be hard pushed to meet. And then I thought it was a good idea to take my husband out to lunch, thereby losing a couple more hours…but I don’t care, so must still have a vestige of holiday spirit.


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