Z has packed again

I’m not entirely sure yet how I’m going to get back from the airport. Ro lives nearest, just the other side of Norwich, but he’s going to be out during the day, though home around five. I may have rather a long wait. Russell’s van is still not repaired, apparently, which is his fault as he got a friend to sort things out for him instead of letting Dilly and Al do it, which was what I had asked them to do. I’ve disengaged, I can’t help so there’s no point in worrying.

it really has been a good holiday, though completely different from the Turkish one. ┬áIt’s so long since I’ve been to holland and I hope I’ll come again soon, it’s a country I’m very fond of. And it’s so close, the flight from Norwich takes less than an hour. For years, the difficulty of arranging to get away meant that it wasn’t really worth the effort and we just didn’t have holidays. I didn’t mind too much at the time, but now I think I was wrong and should have been firmer about it. And once we could get away, Russell didn’t want to. I suspect he rather regrets that now, but I have asked him to come with me for ten years and he’s always refused.

Our flight isn’t until mid afternoon, so we’re fitting in a visit to the Rijksmuseum first, it having reopened this year after its big refurbishment. I must find time to write it all down, before all the experiences blur into one. An unexpected highlight was the visit to the Panorama Mesdag. Few of us had heard of it before and only one had visited, but it was brilliant. I took photos, but I doubt they’ll give any sort of flavour of how impressive it was.

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