Z clears her to-do list, pretty well

All done, and several more things besides, which turned up last night and today.  I haven’t done anything about the halti mind you, but that’s not at all urgent.  Loads still to do for the Nadfas reports, but I’ve staved off the problem with a bit of writing and an email.

I’m off to fetch Elle shortly and it may take a while.  She has been staying with a different friend each night and managed to leave her bra at the house at one of them.  So she borrowed from last night’s friend.  No, I don’t know how that happened either.  But I’ll ferry her about of course, to fetch one and return the other.

I’m quite puzzled about the number of registrations I have here from spam sites.  Why do they register?  I’ve only had a few comments made, none of which have I accepted, of course.  But they gain nothing by registering, its sole point is to be able to comment.  I have been ignoring them, but they annoy me and I think I’ll have to go through them and remove them all.  When I’ve time.

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