z is on holiday

We’re at LT’s house at present, though we only got back here today.  After I last wrote, I became a bit busy – last Sunday, Ro and Dora came to lunch, then I drove down to my friend Charlotte’s village, which is Dunwich on the coast (if you know East Angular, it’s between Southwold and Aldeburgh) because her village was holding a flower festival.  She bought me tea and a fabulous, home-made meringue flavoured with rosewater and then took me home for more tea, to see her daughter and a friend, who were staying with her.  Miriam stayed in the annexe about three years ago, when she had a gap between leaving university and visiting Australia.  She shared a birthday with my mother and was very fond of her, the whole family has been close to mine for … well, over a century, now I come to think about it.

After I left, I drove down to LT’s house and, the next day, we drove to Pembrokeshire (that’s in Wales, darlings, in case any of you is in doubt) and we’ve had the most wonderful, relaxing holiday in his caravan there.  It’s in a lovely location by the sea and the weather was perfect, unlike that over the border in England.  It was hard not to feel a bit smug, I have to admit, reading grumbles on Facebook about having the heating on in June – though now we’re back, we have too.  Apparently, it’s due to change tomorrow.

I’ve got a few pictures for you, but they may well wait until I get home, unless I post them from my phone and then annotate them into another post.  Not tonight though, anyway.

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  1. Liz

    I’m glad you’ve had a lovely time.

    It seems that west was best in terms of the weather last week. We have been to Worcestershire and Birmingham at the weekend and happily appear to have brought the lovely weather home with us.


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