Gustatory gusto

Today, Dora’s bridesmaids held a baby shower for her.  There is less than three weeks before the baby is due, so he might as well turn up any time – she looks very well but, now the weather is getting much warmer, she’s not particularly comfortable.  It was all great fun and I’ve eaten a lot of cake.  Delicious as it was, I’m supposed to be cutting down on food, having gained a stone in the last few months, for which  I don’t blame LT, I blame myself entirely.  Anyway, it’s churlish not to enter into the spirit of the event with gusto.

If Dora has the energy, she and Ro will call over tomorrow, at least for lunch and we may go out together afterwards – I will, anyway.  That’ll mean I’ve seen all my children except Dilly in a matter of four days, which is lovely.  Dilly had taken Squiffany to ballet when I went over there on Thursday.

The schools have finished for half term, which means that, by the time I get home with LT again, I’ll be in my last half term as a governor.  And I feel a bit melancholy – though I’m finishing by choice and this has been planned for the last few years.  All the same, it’s a retirement from something I’ve enjoyed a lot of the time, been challenged and stretched by, have battled on behalf of – I’m a Vicar of Bray figure, I suppose.  I work with anyone I need to (I mean, the *whenever* current government policies), agree with some things and cope with others, and take the balanced, long-term view, whilst recognising that going with the flow but doing your own thing quietly, under the current, is generally more effective than fighting against it.

This post was meant to be about Dora, not me nor the school.  What I really want to say is how much I love all my six children – because my in-laws are counted as my children – and I’m so thankful for them.  I’m also thankful that they like and accept LT as part of the family too.  Lucky Z.

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